Company news | June 28, 2022

Productsup will support Red Bull’s ecommerce optimization

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Sven van de Voorde

Product Marketing Manager
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The cooperation between Productsup and Red Bull will optimize the online presence of the energy drink manufacturer across all online channels

Productsup, the leading Product-to-Consumer (P2C) software company, has officially announced it is working with Red Bull to enable the company to maintain control over its product data and ensure that new products are available online as quickly as possible.

“Red Bull has been one of the market leaders in the soft drink category for years. In order to maintain and increase its market share, it is important to focus on how product information is displayed on retailer websites and marketplaces,” said Dominic van Waversveld, Key Account Manager at Productsup. “However, sometimes it is difficult to make adjustments to certain products, or add new products, which is where Productsup steps in to help.”

Productsup provides the necessary tools for Red Bull to import product content into its platform, enrich it, and then finally share the content with any channel it wishes. Red Bull can monitor this process for each of its products through Productsup's advanced dashboard, which includes completeness scores and incomplete products. Drawing from these insights, Red Bull can identify opportunities and make immediate adjustments. Integrated task management within the platform allows Red Bull to easily assign tasks internally for better collaboration and faster optimization.

Known for its strong content marketing, Red Bull prioritizes personalization when reaching its target audience. The company uses Productsup to enhance its product content and streamline the process of publishing it across various retailers' websites. For example, Red Bull can group certain images, logos, designs, and videos to a 'collection' targeted for a specific audience, which ensures the right consumers always see the most relevant content, ultimately increasing online conversion and retention.

"From day one, we have developed our platform in such a way that it serves as an all-in-one ecommerce solution for all kinds of companies within FMCG, health & beauty, pharmacy and consumer electronics," van Waversveld said. "We’re proud to work with globally-renowned brands and honored to serve Red Bull, both now and in the future."

*This partnership started between Red Bull and World of Content, which was acquired by Productsup in June 2022.

About Red Bull

Inspired by functional drinks from the Far East, Dietrich Mateschitz founded Red Bull in the mid-1980s. He created the formula of Red Bull Energy Drink and developed Red Bull's unique marketing concept. In 1987, on April 1, Red Bull Energy Drink was sold for the very first time in its home market of Austria. This was not only the launch of a completely new product, in fact it was the birth of a totally new product category. Today, Red Bull is available in 171 countries and more than 75 billion cans of Red Bull have been consumed to date.

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