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Pinterest is a social media platform where users collect and share images of things they find interesting. Others find these images through searching for matching products in search engines and being directed to Pinterest’s item pages. Users can then browse collections from other Pinterest users.

Pinterest is available as a mobile app – iOS and Android – or on desktop using Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge and a mac with the Pinterest Safari browser extension.

Pinterest is the 14th biggest social platform with over 442 million users. They are around 60% female and still predominantly found in the United States. The company has been growing rapidly outside the US since 2020.

How does Pinterest work?

As you can guess from the name, Pinterest is a virtual version of an old-fashioned pinboard or notice board. Users can manage their boards using a whole range of organizational and bookmarking tools.

If you’re interested in something like painting, cooking, or fashion, you will find images related to what you like on Pinterest or the web, then you can save them – or pin them– to your Pinterest board. You can create multiple bulletin boards to list what you are interested in. For example, you could create a landscape board for your painting interests, a vegetarian board for your cooking hobby, or an interior board to showcase your decorating interests.

Pinterest is also a very active social network and users interact by following each other and liking or commenting on other users’ boards. You can save another user's images to your boards and then exchange private messages with them to discuss your shared interests further.

When you click on a Pinterest image, you are redirected to the image's original site, where you can learn more about the thing you saw.

How to set up your Pinterest Business account?

To start running ads on Pinterest, go to and sign up for a Pinterest Business account. Navigate to the bottom of the pop-up and click “Get started here!”. Add your business email, and your age, and create a secure password. Make sure your email address isn’t connected to any other Pinterest account, then click “Create account”. You’ll then be asked to add your business’s name, language, and location.

Describe your business in a way that honestly and clearly describes what it does, then add a link to your website. Now you can start advertising your content and products on Pinterest.

What kind of marketing is Pinterest suitable for?

Pinterest’s users are engaged and overwhelmingly positive – they come to the site looking for creative ideas – which makes them very active and interested in the content. The majority of users and users who shop on the site are female.

Pinterest was initially an excellent way to push brands to new audiences looking for new things and to drive new traffic to a website or store. But the platform is now a complete social commerce platform because it has integrated a checkout into its user experience – in the US to start. The checkout is hosted by Shopify, but it appears to the Pinterest users as native. The users can now click on items, select size, color, or other attributes, and then purchase in the app.

Pinterest glossary


A Pinner is a term for a person who uses Pinterest.


A Pin is a primary post which includes images or videos that link back to the original source.

Promoted Pins

Promoted Pins are a kind of ad. They are Pins that companies pay to promote. These Pins appear in the home feed, category feed, and search results. They carry a label saying “Promoted.” Promoted video Pins, carousels, and app Pins are also available.


A Repin is a shared Pin of something someone liked on a board and wanted to share it or put it on their own board.

Rich Pins

Rich Pins automatically draw more information from a website to a Pin. For example, product availability, up-to-date pricing, and new variants. There are three types of Rich Pin: Product Rich Pins, Recipe Rich Pins, and Article Rich Pins.

Carousel Pins

Carousel Pins feature multiple images. Up to five images can be added to a carousel Pin.

Collections Pins

These Pin types make it easier for Pinners to shop for similar products.

Idea Pins

Idea Pins are used to promote brands by customizing the colors and fonts in the Pin or creating step-by-step guides or letting users curate collections.

Try on product Pins

Try on Pins use AR filters to allow Pinners to virtually “try on” products they see on Pinterest using Pinterest Lens.

Audience analytics

Pinterest business accounts can see important metrics and analytics by way of the Audience Insights feature.

Pinterest Lens

This AR tool is available on mobile devices only. Pinterest Lens is a camera tool that lets users take a picture of something — like a product or a Pin Code — to then find related content on the platform.

Pinterest impressions

Impressions are the number of times users saw Pins or ads. Pinterest organizes Pins by the most impressions. To see your impressions and other insights, log in to your Pinterest business account, select Analytics > Overview, and then apply filters by device, date range, etc.

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