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Pinterest Shopping is the shopping feature of the Pinterest platform. This feature allows users to buy products directly from Pinterest. Pinterest Shopping automatically shows adverts to relevant customers, personalizing products to people most likely to buy them. It is also possible to display shoppable products that are relevant to the product groups the Pinterest user is interested in, just like shopping ads.

When people on Pinterest have product-related pins on their Pinterest board, you will notice a purchasing tab at the top of the board. Product tagging is a social commerce strategy used by several social media platforms.

Pinterest Shopping includes Shop The Look pins. The white dots on the photographs can be used to highlight different parts. Users can purchase the item/service by clicking on these dots. Allowing users to complete purchases without leaving the apps, the shopping features and the shopping tools of social media platforms make the shopping experience frictionless.

How to set up your Pinterest shop/store

Need help getting started on Pinterest and bringing your products to consumers with a solid P2C strategy? With our handy guide you can be all set-up on the platform within minutes!

1. Upload your products on Pinterest

A product catalog is the first step toward Pinterest buying success. Pinterest automatically ingests the entire product feed when a product catalog from a data source is linked. You’ll also get a shop tab and Pinterest Shop (also known as Pinterest Store) link on your Pinterest business account, which will help consumers find your stuff.

The best option for brands with a larger inventory or who need to adjust pricing and availability numerous times per day is uploading products via the API for shopping. The API allows merchants to scale more quickly than other shopping tools.

2. Strengthen your brand! Join the Verified Merchant Program

People prefer buying from well-known companies. That is the purpose of the Verified Merchant Program. It comes with perks, including a “verified” emblem on your profile and eligibility for improved distribution. Furthermore, qualifying verified merchants can use merchant details to highlight their brand values.

3. Scale your Pinterest campaigns for better results.

Promote your items on Pinterest to get better results. Useful tools like dynamic retargeting and automated bidding make it simple to set it and forget it and achieve fantastic results:

Shopping ads
Shopping ads offer useful information like prices, product availability, and reviews. Shoppers are reached via shopping ads at the optimal time for action.

Collection ads
Slideshows and video-like information are used in this immersive format to assist customers in their search for related goods. They’re excellent for helping consumers locate more items they’ll appreciate.

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