Where to digitally meet Productsup in Q4 2020

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This year has been a little different for the events scene. Instead of getting to meet you in person, we’ve moved to webinars and online events. While we miss seeing you all, we’ve also enjoyed finding new ways to connect. We’re looking forward to the next quarter and are excited to bring you ample opportunities to connect - even if from a distance.

Kick off your shoes and get your headsets ready!

What's coming up in Q4:

Advanced ecommerce syndication strategies for Amazon, Google, and Walmart

Webinar > eZdia > Website thumbnail 1980x1278 October 13. 12pm EST / 6pm CEST
A one-size-fits-all product content strategy is no longer enough. As ecommerce adoption continues to skyrocket, there is a new sense of urgency and need to succeed through these dominant ecommerce channels - and “custom content” is the new unfair advantage.

Join our experts as they discuss ways to build optimized data strategies specifically targeted for each marketplace in your portfolio.

Join us to learn more about:

  • The role of unique experiences on today’s marketplaces
  • How custom content can improve sales results for Amazon, Google, and Walmart
  • Why and how to measure your Return on Content Spend
  • How to create better content using Productsup and eZdia

Attendees can also request a free Marketplace Competitive Analysis. This report will analyze how your organization ranks on Amazon, Google, and Walmart relative to your closest competitors.

Online Event: Shoptalk Retail Meetup

Events > Shoptalk Meetup Shoptalk Meetup is retail’s first digitally native event! It’s a fun, productive way to connect online with the people you know and meet the people you don’t--in a friendly and open environment. It’s like being at Shoptalk, but without going through TSA.

Webinar:Google LIA

October 15/20.
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Webinar: Productsup x Akeneo

October 27-29

madconNYC Pre-event webinar

November 18.

PIMCore Inspire

November 26. PIMCore


December 1-3. Events > madconNYC

Webinars to check out from last quarter:

Forrester, Facebook & StrikeTru: Insights on how to successfully maneuver ecommerce in 2020

20-05-18 Forrester webinar Website thumbnail NoDateCTA 1980x1278
Managing your campaigns can be complicated and time consuming. Are you looking for a way to simplify your campaign management while maximizing the conversion value? With Smart Shopping campaigns, your existing product feed and assets are combined with Google’s machine learning to show a variety of ads across networks.

Contextual commerce - the next game changer in Ecommerce

2007-diconium pup webinar WEBTHUMB 1980x1278px
Imagine that: everything you see can be bought!
Contextual commerce realizes this scenario by integrating purchase options into everyday life of potential customers outside the conventional online shop. By providing “shoppable content” Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest as well as many other channels and springboards already show how to catch people in the inspiration phase, trigger impulse purchases and thus shorten the customer journey extremely.
Don’t miss the chance to learn how the shopping cart can come to the customer and be part of the discussion session with our experts. Join us in our interactive webinar!

Will social commerce kill the classic online shop? A panel discussioon with Salesforce

2008-salesforce pup webinar WEBTHUM 1980x1278px
By the end of 2020, all major social platforms will have launched new social commerce offerings. This has clear relevance for businesses advertising to younger audiences, but it is also important for brands and retailers across all verticals and across all ages.
When it comes to mastering social commerce, the bigger the company, the bigger the challenges. That’s why we wanted to sit down with the experts and share some handy tips and foundational information to help you get started.
Join Productsup CMO Marcel Hollerbach and Florian Moser from Salesforce as they talk about the present and future of social commerce and how to face the key challenges that could stand in your way

How to succeed with Pinterest Shopping

2008 Pinterest webinar WEBTHUMB 1980x1278px
Shoppers want to be inspired. In fact 66% of shoppers say the inspiration phase is influential when determining what to buy. So how can you reach shoppers in this stage and turn that inspiration into sales? Shopping on Pinterest makes it easy to get shoppers excited about your products - and with the right tools, it can even help you turn curious browsers into happy buyers.
Join our webinar to get key insights that will help you succeed on Pinterest. Hear from Pinterest’s own Enoch Lam as he shares best practices on how to make the most of your listings on the channel. Katie Moro of Productsup will then dive into the Productsup platform and show you how to easily optimize and tailor your feeds specifically for Pinterest.

We hope to see you around! Not attending any of these events but want to meet Productsup? We'll try to accommodate a face-to-face meeting wherever possible, so simply get in touch with your desired contact to check their availability around the respective events.

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