Will social commerce kill the classic online shop?A panel discussion with Salesforce

September 2, 2020

By the end of 2020, all major social platforms will have launched new social commerce offerings. This has clear relevance for businesses advertising to younger audiences, but it is also important for brands and retailers across all verticals and across all ages.
When it comes to mastering social commerce, the bigger the company, the bigger the challenges. That’s why we wanted to sit down with the experts and share some handy tips and foundational information to help you get started.
Join Productsup CMO Marcel Hollerbach and Florian Moser from Salesforce as they talk about the present and future of social commerce and how to face the key challenges that could stand in your way

What you'll learn:

    What social commerce looks like in 2020
    Crucial channels to be aware of
    When and how social commerce is beneficial
    Product data and order management expectations
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Marcel Hollerbach, CMO @ Productsup - Marcel Hollerbach is CMO of Productsup, a Berlin-based tech company providing an award-winning solution for product content integration, transformation and syndication.A serial entrepreneur, Marcel is also a founding partner of Venture Capital Fund Cavalry Ventures, which specializes in early-stage investments in European tech startups. His expertise in ecommerce means he has a solid understanding of user behavior in a digitized world, as well as the importance and impact of high quality, contextualized product data.
Florian Moser, Senior Manager Solution Engineering @ Salesforce - Driving and explaining the business value of technology is a common thread in Florian's career. Working for different technology companies from the US broadened his skillset from various front-end technologies to complex data center solutions. The simplicity of SaaS technology excited Florian right from the start and the willingness to give back all his knowledge moved Florian into a senior leadership role at Salesforce.
Hannah Augur, Senior Content Creator @ Productsup - A writer and creator in the tech sphere, Hannah knows that the best stories are simple and true. Before Productsup, she was an editor and journalist, covering numerous industries such as 3D printing, big data, Bluetooth, and fintech. She has an opinion on almost everything.