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The last quarter has been filled with unexpected twists and turns – which is particularly apparent in the field of industry events. As a result, we’ve spent our time brainstorming and implementing new ways of connecting with you. Overall, it’s been exciting for us and (hopefully) valuable for you! In Q2, we hosted a variety of webinars with partners like Google, Rakuten, and Cdiscount. The next quarter promises to be just as packed! Check out what we have in store down below and find links to the recordings of our webinars from last quarter!

What's coming up in Q3:

Webinar: Productsup, Facebook, Forrester and StrikeTru

July 22. 11am EST / 6pm CEST

Transform your business with Online Retailer Conference & Expo – two days jam-packed with cutting-edge ecommerce insights, the latest trends, tech innovation and retail solutions. Come meet the Productsup team at stand number 11 or book a personal meeting with our data feed experts.

Webinar: Solving marketplace syndication challenges with data governance

July 22nd. 11am EST / 6pm EST

A day full of innovation, inspiration and networking. With more that 35 sessions, live demos, and the Customer Success Expo, you’ll discover how to capitalize on the opportunities of the forth industrial revolution in sales, customer service, marketing, and commerce to exceed your customers’ expectations.

Let yourself be inspired by real trail blazers – innovative companies that keep inspiring their customers. Learn new ways to redefine the customer experience for your customers.

Webinars to check out from last quarter:

How to use Smart Shopping Campaigns to drive sales with Google

Managing your campaigns can be complicated and time consuming. Are you looking for a way to simplify your campaign management while maximizing the conversion value? With Smart Shopping campaigns, your existing product feed and assets are combined with Google’s machine learning to show a variety of ads across networks.

The state of Google LIA. Insights and Q&A on how to win Google LIA during & after COVID-19

Consumers are shopping online more than ever – even ordering products they’ve traditionally purchased in-store. Offline shopping might be stalled, but we know shoppers will return to local shops, and businesses need to start preparing now.

That’s why we teamed up with Google to bring you details and tips about LIAs that are usually hard to find, and help you get your business back on track.

Feedside chat with Rakuten Advertising: Real-world learnings and insights to help businesses stay on top today

Even today’s most data-driven and prepared businesses are changing their habits amidst the current pandemic. While it’s easy for brands and retailers to feel overwhelmed, there’s a lot businesses can learn from the pros.

That’s why we’re sitting down with Kelly Dougherty, senior product feed strategist at Rakuten Advertising, to get the key learnings and hands-on tips that businesses will want to know.

Kickstart your global expansion with tailored product data and Cdiscount

Online shoppers are regularly purchasing products from countries other than their own. In fact, cross-border ecommerce is set to reach $627 billion in sales by 2022, making up 20% of all ecommerce. For brands and online retailers who can adapt, this trend opens the door to a variety of new markets and revenue streams as well as a drastic boost in online visibility.

We hope to see you around! Not attending any of these events but want to meet Productsup? We'll try to accommodate a face-to-face meeting wherever possible, so simply get in touch with your desired contact to check their availability around the respective events.