The hype around video ads and what they mean for online retailers

[WP Import] The hype around video ads and what they mean for online retailers

It’s no big secret that video ads are becoming hot property for digital marketers.
There are several reasons they are so effective:

  • __Audience:__ There’s a huge audience, with video consumption growing at a massive rate. On Facebook’s advertising network – The Facebook Audience Network – one million people view a video ad each month.
  • __Engagement:__ Video simply conveys more information – in a shorter space of time – than any text description or product image ever could. For this reason, ecommerce sites with video content see much higher levels of customer connection and engagement.
  • __SEO:__ Search engines love websites with video content. To ensure that your videos are optimized, check that the videos' metadata is neat and tidy. Search engines can then index your page properly and your site could rank better and see an increase in organic traffic.

What does this mean for the ecommerce industry?

What was once text ads became image ads and is now transforming into video ads. For most online retailers and brands, videos are a great new advancement in the technology available to advertise their products. With an increasingly crowded marketplace, digital advertisers in ecommerce need to become more fierce in their fight for attention. Video ads present a fantastic new way break through the clutter and really grab the attention of online shoppers.
From big brands to online retailers and performance marketers in ecommerce, video advertising is the latest tool to take your product adverts to the next level.
In 2017, video adverts have moved away from solely being on platforms like YouTube and onto ecommerce sites. Video ads are fast becoming the most successful medium to convert shoppers and could soon become the expected advertising medium.

Benefits of video marketing for the ecommerce industry

  • Videos allow you to tell a visual product story and bring your products to life. This leaves a stronger and longer lasting impression on consumers.
  • Drive customer engagement by touching on multiple senses and capturing the eye
  • What’s more, you can increase customer confidence by showing products and their features in action
  • Video rich snippets and content are massively favored by Google, so incorporating this into your online store will improve website visibility and increase organic traffic
  • While on your ecommerce website, videos enhance and improve the customer shopping experience. Online merchants with video content see much higher levels of interaction with their website and products. In fact, research from GoodVidio found that consumers browse almost twice as many pages and stay almost three times longer on ecommerce sites with video ads.
  • Arguably the strongest benefit is the increase in conversions, i.e. sales. As you can guess, all this naturally increases conversion levels. The increased trust, better understanding of a product and improved shopping experience all lead to a higher likelihood of a purchase being made. The stats back this up.

A study by conversion specialists Crazy Egg found that customers who have viewed a video ad of a product can be up to 85% more likely to convert.

The challenge: creating videos for all your products – efficiently

Albeit a great new opportunity to market their goods, creating product videos can be a time-consuming task for large online retailers. When you’re talking about inventories in the hundred-thousands, it also becomes seemingly impossible to efficiently create videos for every one of your products. When done, updating these videos is a hassle too, as you need to hire that video editor again.

The solution: dynamic product videos with Productsup

With Productsup it is now possible for you to create instant product videos for your entire inventory. Videos are customized to each individual product and content is automatically updated as and when you have changes in your inventory. These can then be used for dynamic video ads.

How does it work

  1. select a template from the library
  2. customize the video content with text or other options with the product info you would like included
  3. apply the video template to your product feed
  4. the product info for each individual item will be dynamically inserted
  5. sit back - Productsup does all the rendering for you
    This means that you can create thousands of tailored, dynamic product videos with just one template.

Use cases and applications

You’re not limited to simply creating single product videos for re-marketing purposes. You could also create a video of your top selling products and use this for marketing campaigns on YouTube or Instagram.
You can also add the videos to your own websites' individual product landing pages, to enrich content and improve the user experience.
Productsup boasts a list of powerful features and services that help you create captivating product videos.
Discover more about Productsup’s dynamic videos here.

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