Turning commerce anarchy into your global commercial advantage


The value chains challenge

To overcome commerce anarchy, only an entirely fresh approach to digital enterprise management will bring manufacturers, brands, retailers, and service providers the buyer engagement based on the personalized consumer-centric approach they need going forward.

We realized a decade ago that, regardless of how complex the route between a product or service and the consumer is, mapping, understanding, and, ultimately, controlling product information value chains are essential to digital commerce success.

Control over commerce chaos

The Productsup Platform redefines product, brand, and service experiences, delivering control over commerce chaos for our customers so they win their consumers’ attention. Through mastering and taking advantage of complexity they tell a consistent story across every channel relevant to their offer.

There are five integrated top-level components in the Productsup platform.

Marketplace experience and social commerce

The capability for manufacturers, brands, retailers, and service providers to sell large amounts of products and services directly on marketplaces, as well as social media channels, with native checkout. Using Productsup feed management to prepare the data, perform price comparisons, and sync product data, orders, and shipment updates.

Feed management

A coherent way for commerce marketers to create high-quality product data feeds to drive online visibility and conversions via search, shopping, and social media channels. Managing channels with ease, adding new targets, enhancing data, experimenting for stronger results, and scheduling automated runs. Using tracking, monitoring and notifications customers always stay in control of their data feeds.

Performance insights

The smartest way for manufacturers, brands, retailers, and service providers to reach more consumers, maximize sales and establish a perpetual growth flywheel through a complete reporting suite. Designed for sophisticated in-house and agency performance marketing teams to gain end-to-end product and service level insights on scale. Products or service listings create transactions. The data and insights generated from this transaction enhance product and consumer experiences in current channels and influence the selection of new channels.

Product content syndication

Helping brands and manufacturers auto-create electronic product catalogs (BMEcat, item setup sheets, etc.) for their network of retailers, distributors, and data portals for their B2B and B2C use cases.

Seller and vendor onboarding

Delivering continuous onboarding, enabling marketplaces, retailers, and affiliates to aggregate and integrate thousands of supplier catalogs onto their own system, in order to list, resell, or advertise the products.

Forget about managing channels, regions, and feeds

With this one platform and the constant feedback loops it delivers, manufacturers, brands, retailers, and service providers stop struggling with change. At the same time forgetting about managing channels, regions, and feeds.

Business management teams can take ownership working independently from IT, but with full data transparency, across product information value chains, streamlining workflows from weeks to minutes. They export via any channel, anywhere, whilst creating unique consumer experiences on every journey to purchase.

This means they can focus on what matters to the consumer, enhancing their offerings and concentrate, through in-depth performance insights, not just on getting products on the digital shelf, but on increasing buyer engagement enhancing brand experience and so build brand value.

From commerce anarchy to global commercial advantage

This process means manufacturers, brands, retailers, and service providers can continuously increase and realize their global potential, finding new places to sell, new buyers to sell to, and new product innovations to offer.

They constantly build consumer-focused digital intelligence, mastering commerce anarchy to win product orders, again and again - all backed by Productup’s servers that already process more data requests than Google’s consumer Search service, over 2 trillion a month, every month.

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