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New approach Forrester Report, defeat commerce anarchy

We’re excited to announce that Forrester has just released its latest report commissioned by Productsup: The Future of Commerce Tech. Relevant. Concise. Insightful. This survey of 375 commerce tech leaders discusses best approaches to overcoming commerce anarchy and delivering top-tier shopping experiences. You can download your free copy right now.

The context behind this report

Many businesses are struggling to keep up with - and capitalize on - changes in consumer expectations around the products they shop for in a digital world.

On one hand, they’ve been told to optimize everything, including their product content, processes, and operations in each channel. On the other hand, consumers are now expecting more personalized and consistent experiences across all touchpoints.

The rise of commerce anarchy

This causes frustration and increases complexity for teams who simply don’t have the resources they need to keep up with digital demands. The result? A rise in commerce anarchy that threatens to engulf them.

Get the inside story

To understand exactly what’s happening and figure out what the answers are, Forrester spoke with decision-makers responsible for commerce technology and strategy in North America and Europe. Packed with real-world insights, the results are now available to download.

The big priorities

With digital touchpoints more prominent than ever in customer journeys, consumers have come to expect more personalized experiences shaped by rich information at every touchpoint. The Forrester report will show you how commerce tech leaders are responding by looking at the top business, software, and digital sales priorities their organizations have identified for the next 12 months.

The hot topics

The report also shines a light on where companies are struggling in regard to their product data, and how these challenges are impacting their businesses. You’ll also find out why organizations must learn to syndicate data effectively. After all, the brands that best leverage product syndication will put themselves in a stronger position to thrive in a highly competitive market.

To replace or not to replace?

Success today depends on the ability to tame product data and overcome commerce anarchy. Yet many respondents admitted they simply don’t have the right capabilities for customizing and syndicating product data across myriad external channels from wholesalers to marketplaces.

Current solutions are failing to meet the requirements of optimized digital businesses. Even so, you might be surprised to learn just how many survey respondents said their organization is strategizing how to replace its commerce platform.

Significant numbers are also planning a major upgrade of their systems, while many others are planning to change vendor altogether. With that in mind, the report goes on to examine the main features they are looking for in their commerce platforms.

In summary

To compete and stay relevant, brands, retailers, and service providers are increasing their focus on digital strategies. The goal? To unify their product content management and syndication across all channels. Only then can you support a robust value chain that offers a unified, personalized experience to shoppers. This report shows the challenges to getting that right, and how commerce technology leaders are planning to overcome those challenges to effectively scale and deliver top-tier shopper experiences.

Your free copy is ready and waiting

When great product management demands a near obsessive focus on end users and outcomes, this report offers a window onto the digital commerce world as it stands right now. We hope you find it useful.

Download the Forrester study

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