Google Feed Rules vs. Productsup

[WP Import] Google Feed Rules vs. Productsup

You’ve probably heard the news that Google has added a new function to its Merchant Center to help advertisers format their Google shopping feeds more easily. The Feed Rules tab is a basic solution designed for merchants who have a small inventory of products and who need to make sure their feed complies with Google's specification – otherwise, their products may be rejected.

What can you do with Google Feed Rules?

  • Map column headers
  • Transform values
  • Populate missing attributes
  • Add custom labels
  • Add shipping values

Who are Google Feed Rules designed for?

Smaller companies with very basic feeds, wanting to merely get their data accepted by Google - for Google Shopping only. However, when it comes to truly optimizing your data and maintaining a clear overview, the feed rules feature certainly has its limitations - the most obvious one being that it serves one channel only: Google.

Google Feed Rules vs. Productsup

If you're wondering how Google Feed Rules compare to the Productsup software, our on-demand webinar  explains the following:

  • what Google Feed Rules look like
  • how they translate in Productsup
  • key pro’s and con’s for each solution

This will help you better understand what kind of business needs the new Google feed rules serve best.

__Get the on-demand recording here.__

Google will surely not be stopping here. In time we’ll probably be seeing more additions and improvements - and we're keeping a keen eye on it.

What does this mean for Productsup?

To put it simply, nothing! Truth is, Google’s got nothing on our hundreds of data manipulation possibilities, lightning-fast processing speed, multiple import data sources, API integrations, live data preview, and machine learning capabilities (to name a few). Oh, and most importantly, it’s limited to one export channel only: Google.  

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