How to increase impressions on Google Shopping by 40% [Case Study]

[WP Import] How to increase impressions on Google Shopping by 40% [Case Study]

Do you run campaigns on Google Shopping? Do you want to increase your performance? If so, we’d like to let you in on a little secret. Success on Google Shopping is always based on the quality of your shopping feed. Not convinced?

Just look at the results of international performance marketing agency, Peak Ace, who were able to increase impressions on Google Shopping for their client by 40%!
How? When one of their clients (a large mobile service provider) asked them to increase the visibility of their products online, they knew they’d need to get the products on multiple shopping and marketing channels. However, they would face two key challenges: feed customization and performance tracking. The massive data set would need to be structured and tailored to fit the varying channel requirements and correct tracking would need to be implemented to measure the success of each channel. In so doing, Peak Ace knew: the higher the quality of each product feed, the better the performance would be.
Fortunately, Peak Ace had already been a long-time user of the Productsup platform, so they could overcome these challenges without any hassle. After only three days, they had created customized, high-quality feeds for 7 channels, including Google Shopping, Idealo, Bing, and more! Google Shopping in particular rendered impressive results. Aside from efficiency gains, Peak Ace were able to increase impressions on Google Shopping by 40%, while decreasing CPC by 30%.

"We were able to not only create data feeds quickly, but also to optimize and adjust them to match the individual requirements of the different channels" - Karol Majer

Get the full story in this case study. 

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