3 ways online search is going to change in 2023 – Google, Yahoo, and TikTok

3 ways online search is going to change in 2023 – Google, Yahoo, and TikTok 3 ways online search is going to change in 2023 – Google, Yahoo, and TikTok

The way we obtain information online is evolving fast due to the ways in which search engines change. In the early days, search engines were simple and straightforward, but now they are much more sophisticated, incorporating artificial intelligence, machine learning, and so much more.

What’s happening with Google search in 2023

With more than 90% of the global search engine market, Google continues to reign supreme in all things search related. To give users the most relevant information, Google is constantly developing and adopting new technologies and algorithms. According to reports, Google has begun testing a new desktop search page layout that incorporates chat software. Google's plans to include chatbot functionality into search this year were well known. Amid competition from ChatGPT, Google CEO says that new AI features will be added to search "very soon."

The firm outlined a number of changes that will take effect in the upcoming months in a new blog post, with the overarching goal of cracking down on "SEO-first" material created to perform well in search rankings rather than directly addressing the needs of human readers.

Google will also work to boost product reviews that show obvious first-hand experience while deprioritizing unoriginal content and reporting, including information aggregators that don’t offer value to the online knowledge discussion.

How is Yahoo search looking in 2023?

Yahoo is coming back to search after a long sabbatical. Using a combination of its search engine, Bing, and other third-party search engines, Yahoo plans a bold move to get its name back into the search engine game. Their search engine will work with various devices, providing users with a more customized search experience.

Yahoo hopes to be able to provide consumers with better-tailored information and more accurate results because of its emphasis on personalization. Yahoo also wants to be a pioneer in AI-driven search technologies. The business wants to make the most of its reach to make money from new search ads.

How will search work on TikTok in 2023?

You might be thinking TikTok for search, what the heck? How can search work on a video app filled with dancing teenagers, cat memes, food hacks, and stunts? Depending on how you define "search," TikTok is a strong contender if you're looking for less precise but more entertaining results—a search process more akin to social discovery.

TikTok recently increased the character limit for video descriptions from 300 to 2,200 characters, which will give creators extra space to express more details about their videos and add more context to what people see. This will allow them to get closer to their audience, generate more engagement, and become more searchable and better recommended by TikTok. Additionally, the company has expanded the maximum length for videos on its platform to 10 minutes, which may allow for more creative and engaging content.

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