Seller and Vendor Onboarding. Streamlined.

    The Productsup P2C platform tames commerce anarchy by helping you make the most of retail partnerships by seamlessly integrating and standardizing all product data.

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      Stop optimizing locally. Win globally.

      Transform disorganized data into a perfectly structured and compelling catalog that performs globally.

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      Streamline workflows from weeks to minutes

      Engage sellers and audiences by delivering new products and experiences at the lightning speed of today’s retail landscape.

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      Perfect and publish. Faster.

      Improve data quality, publish product information faster, and accelerate seller and vendor onboarding processes.

    Markus Wittassek
    Markus Wittassek
    Head of Category Management & Head of Content

    Each of our partners is handing over specific product data feeds that vary in size and quality. It is always important not to lose sight of the overall goal - in our case: to have standardized product data. The Productsup P2C platform helped us reach this goal by enabling us to deliver our partner-specific product information in a highly automated and efficient manner."


    Centralized control

    Seamlessly connect to every supplier to easily control product feeds and formats in one place.


    Clear product information

    Simplify ready-to-publish catalogs with code-free mapping of incoming seller data. Define your structure using customizable templates and machine learning.


    Accurate listings mean better brand experiences

    Provide your customers with a reliable product experience by fetching data automatically, ensuring stock and availability are always up to date.


    Real-world expertise. Right out of the box.

    Built-in connections, bulk editing tools, and powerful automation are just the start. Productsup includes all the features you need to eliminate the chaos from your commerce.

    • P2C Insights at Productsup
      Insights to stay ahead

      Display at-a-glance overviews of your product data flow from integration to distribution, so you can learn fast and adapt to changing market conditions.

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      PIM integrations

      Seamlessly connect to supplier PIM systems and raw data using built-in integrations.

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      Efficient editing

      Apply changes in bulk with 250+ drag-and-drop rule boxes to quickly manipulate, cleanse, and optimize product data.

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      Minimized processing time

      Use delta uploads to smartly upload only new and updated attributes rather than complete product catalogs.

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      In-depth product data analysis

      Create error-free, channel-ready catalogs with detailed and automated reviews of every product attribute.

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      Time-saving templates

      Take advantage of custom templates to automatically map all incoming data to your site requirements, saving time and easing chaos.

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