Supplier onboarding made easy: The Joblift story

Hear how Joblift reduced their supplier data onboarding time from days to minutes
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Whether you are regularly onboarding product data from suppliers, sellers, or vendors, there are new technologies in place that can automate almost the entire product data aggregation and onboarding process.

Joblift has over 10 million job listings in 6 markets, and they are constantly looking for new suppliers to add to their unrivaled pool of job vacancies. In discussion with Joblift’s Head of Operations, Bella Davis-Riemer, this webinar will look at how Joblift was able to use the Productsup Seller & Vendor onboarding solutions to reduce their supplier onboarding times – in some cases – to mere minutes.

The centralized and easy-to-use dashboards provided by the world’s most comprehensive product-to-consumer platform also give Joblift an unmatched overview of and control over all of its supplier data.

In this webinar, you’ll hear:

  • How Joblift manages over 10 million listings from multiple suppliers in 6 markets
  • How Joblift can onboard new suppliers in minutes rather than days or weeks
  • How to save time and resources by streamlining data management process

Presented by

  • Bella Davis-Riemer.png

    Bella Davis-Riemer

    Head of Operations
  • On24 Woc webinar 9 Nov 2022_Goncalo.png

    Goncalo Ladeira Dias

    Product Marketing Manager