Prysmian and Productsup’s Distribution PX: Simple product content syndication to over 100 manufacturers globally

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    manufacturing plants worldwide

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    days to onboard new data pools

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    in-house product attributes to map

About The Prysmian Group

Prysmian Group’s roots may date back to 1887 in Italy, but the Group itself was first formed in 2005. With over 130 years of innovations and transformation in its DNA, the Prysmian Group is a global leader in cable manufacturing, delivery, as well as submarine cables and systems. The group is a global success story because they have always anticipated the solutions of the future. To stay ahead in manufacturing for energy and telecommunications, companies need to innovate and transform as the technologies they support evolve constantly. So why would a global industrial manufacturer success story need to onboard a product data management product to continue to grow?

The Prysmian Group and Productsup

Aware of the digitization of industrial manufacturing, Prysmian was looking for ways to accurately and consistently display their specialized and complex product information to wholesalers and their customers. Because of the huge costs involved in buying their products, Prymsian needed to ensure that their product information was always accurate where it was being displayed. The Group’s key wholesalers also asked for digitized product data to show their customers.

Because Productsup offers the only global product data solutions designed especially with industrial manufacturers in mind – Distribution PX – the Berlin-based P2C provider was the perfect partner for Prysmian’s digital transformation.


On average, Prysmian takes three years to bring out a new product. As you can expect, their products are complex, and the contracts for these products run into multiple millions of dollars. The Group was searching for a way to digitize their product data to both advertise their products to wholesalers and to provide accurate information for the current wholesalers’ customers.

With over 600 attributes on each of their thousands of products, Prymsian needed a centralized source of truth to collect all their data from siloes at their 100-plus manufacturing plants and 50-plus global offices.

Access to data pools in the EMEA region required up to three months of work from a small team. The team had to use up resources mapping the data onto the corresponding attributes in each data pool. The information was stored on FTP servers and was siloed across an organization with over 30,000 employees.


Distribution PX on Productsup’s P2C platform offered the perfect solutions that could merge all their product data in a single source of truth. The dashboards enabled the team to easily control and map their attributes into the required formats on the data pools. Prysmian can now experiment with new distributors or data pools without wasting months of IT resources.

The Prysmian Group can now generate content according to the ETIM classification on the fly and embed this content into multiple formats, even the most complex ones, such as BMEcat or FABDIS.


Prysmian experienced no issue or downtime during the Distribution PX onboarding phase and they have a 100% satisfaction rate with the implementation and customer success teams.

After implementing the platform, they were also able to streamline and harmonize their internal product data according to the standardization in the Productsup platform. The ability to harmonize all of their product content across the organization, was fundamental in their move from being reactive to issues surrounding their product data, to actively being able to advertise and showcase their products via data pools.

Prysmian reduced the team working on the syndication process and eliminated custom-built solutions by IT, which meant cost savings and better time to market. The dashboards and export templates mean that Prysmian can now experiment by adding new data pools or wholesale distributors without spending months planning and working on the expansion.

Giuliano Abdelmalek.jpeg
Giuliano Abdelmalek
PIM/P2C IT Platform Owner

Distribution PX saved our team hundreds of hours of work per year. All of our product data processes are now streamlined and agile. We can quickly map and export hundreds of attributes on thousands of SKUs without IT support.

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