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Help online shoppers discover what they love. Sell more. ~50% of shoppers know what they want; they search, select, and checkout. The others? They like to browse, discover, and be inspired. The online store is fine for the first group; however, connecting your brand with the second group requires something more… and that's what Publitas provides. We provide you and your shoppers with an immersive, shoppable experience designed to inspire shoppers while complementing your online store, offline store, and eCommerce objectives. Our customers have reported from 40% to as much as 308% higher conversion rates from their 'just browsing' audience when they viewed a Publitas publication.

About the partnership

"Our customers can create a 'Dynamic publication'; these are automatically generated with a product feed from Productsup. With a dynamic publication, our customers can show the latest prices with real-time eCommerce sync and automatically replace out-of-stock products with other products from the customer's inventory."

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Amsterdam (Netherlands), remotely with regional representation in Europe, US and South America


English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch

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Point-of-Purchase Partner


Publish online, Discovery Marketing, Inspire shoppers, Experience, Dynamic publications, anytime and anywhere, Content experience, Conversion uplift, Digital transformation

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