Company news | June 27, 2024

Productsup unveils new suite of AI tools for generating hyper-personalized and channel-ready product content at scale

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Processing over two trillion products per month, Productsup’s AI-powered platform enables the world’s largest companies to deliver personalized shopping experiences effortlessly

Productsup, the leading Product-to-Consumer (P2C) software company, today announced an advanced suite of AI tools within its platform that enable businesses to generate and manipulate product content per audience, channel, and market on a global scale. Instead of creating and tailoring content manually or requiring coding expertise, Productsup customers can accelerate their workflows and produce higher-quality product ads and listings to grow revenue worldwide.

“When dealing with millions of products globally, it’s nearly impossible to create engaging product content for each target audience and market at the pace set by modern commerce,” said Boris Penck, Chief Technology Officer at Productsup. “The reality is that teams don’t have the bandwidth to adjust content effectively, so you often see discrepancies, mistranslations, inaccuracies, or generalizations. We engineered our platform’s AI to make it easier for our customers to deliver perfect product content wherever and to whomever, so they can achieve higher performance and faster growth with the resources they already have.”

Combining advanced AI models and bulk automation, Productsup’s AI offerings streamline internal workflows for increased efficiency while empowering teams to enrich their product content for higher ROI. Productsup customers benefit from lower operating costs, faster product launches, higher conversions, and improved brand reputation worldwide.

Overview of Productsup’s newest AI features:

AI Data Services

  • Content generation: By plugging in raw product attributes, like color, size, or texture, straight from product feeds, Productsup’s AI services generate engaging, ready-to-use product descriptions automatically. Users can also leverage custom prompts to create multiple versions of text tailored for specific target audiences, markets, or seasonal promotions.
  • Translations: Companies with a global presence, or ones looking to expand internationally, can select a language for the Productsup platform to translate generated text automatically. Users can localize content based on the target market.
  • Spec adjustments: To fit varying character limits, the AI tools shorten text without losing the key message or lengthen text by adding supporting phrases. Users can adjust product copy length effortlessly to meet all ad formats and channel requirements of Google, Meta, Pinterest, TikTok, and more.
  • SEO optimization: The platform offers custom prompts to generate SEO keywords based on product attributes. Additionally, by plugging in keywords, the AI can generate product titles and descriptions with higher SEO value.
  • Regex Generator

    Sorting through product data to analyze and manipulate items can be difficult without programming skills. Instead of requiring technical expertise to create Regular Expressions, Productsup’s tool creates the code automatically, enabling users to search through lines of text to extract the information needed to optimize product content.

    Twig Generator

    Making small tweaks to product content for variables, like price, inventory, or seasonal promotions, is difficult to keep up with as the data constantly changes. Without any coding required, the Productsup Twig Generator can create highly-customized templates that apply changes to product content in bulk automatically.

    “AI for content generation is all you hear about these days, but simply introducing tools like ChatGPT is only so effective,” said Marcel Hollerbach, Chief Innovation Officer at Productsup. “The true value of AI is realized when it’s implemented strategically and integrated with existing workflows. Productsup’s AI features fit seamlessly into our platform, providing teams with even more efficiency. These tools give our customers the capacity to launch more impressive campaigns faster, all while ensuring they maintain a consistent brand presence across their active markets.”

    To see how AI works within Productsup’s P2C platform, watch a demo of the new features. To discover the full extent of Productsup’s AI capabilities, visit here.

    For a broader look at the impact of AI-driven product content, download Productsup’s AI guide, The state of smart commerce.

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