Company news | February 4, 2021

Etos and Productsup optimize the online customer experience

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Sven van de Voorde

Product Marketing Manager

Productsup’s P2C platform enables Etos to enhance product content at scale

Productsup, the leading Product-to-Consumer (P2C) software company, has officially announced it is working with Etos to provide a strong online customer experience. By optimizing product content across online channels, Productsup enables Etos to deliver a better shopping experience for consumers at every touchpoint.

Enhanced visuals

Leveraging Productsup’s platform, Etos has successfully enriched its visual content. Manufacturers can now present their products with eight images instead of only two, and they can offer videos and reviews as well.

Increased conversions

In addition to content enhancements, Etos uses the Productsup platform to improve product discovery, which has resulted in significantly higher conversion rates. In communicating these results to its suppliers, Etos has managed to improve the quality of product information it sources.

"By showing the impact of our efforts to enhance the online experience for our end buyers, we try to encourage our suppliers to deliver better product information. In the coming period, we want to do that with more and more suppliers," said Sven Tjipjes, Commercial Support & Intelligence Manager at Etos.

Content segmentation

Etos and Productsup are currently testing new product content strategies, such as content segmentation. For instance, a special Mother's Day variant was added to some versions of Etos products during that holiday sales season.

"Etos has become one of the most innovative online players. We expect a lot from this collaboration in the coming period," said Koen Looijmans, Executive Vice President of Retail PX at Productsup.

*This partnership started between Etos and World of Content, which was acquired by Productsup in June 2022.

About Etos

Etos is a subsidiary of Ahold Delhaize and is a leader in The Netherlands in cosmetics, toiletries and personal care products. Over the years, Etos has been chosen as Best Retail Chain in The Netherlands in the Personal Care category and has also won prizes in the drugstore category. Etos has about 550 shops distributed throughout The Netherlands.

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