Instagram shoppable posts

Instagram shoppable posts are posts (videos, carousels, IGTV, Reels, Guides, and even Livestream) with product tags placed there by businesses or creators. They are available in over 40 countries, but you should check Instagram for the latest list of countries weather products tagging is permitted. The tags mean that the users click the tags and are then taken to the seller’s website, or, in the US, they go to an Instagram shop and make the purchase there.

Without the shopping tags, the posts remain content. Therefore, the tags are the connection that commercializes the posts.

How to make your Instagram shoppable

Product tagging on unpaid Instagram posts – content from other users – leads users from Instagram to the brands’ websites – or Instagram Shop in the USA – where the tagged products can be bought and the user can look at what else the brand has to offer.

Five is the maximum number of products that can be tagged on a video or image. Instagram has a limit of 20 product tags on multi-image posts.

Shoppable Instagram posts allow creators and other Instagram users to monetize their viral posts or videos and images. It enables businesses to leverage trends and personalities who are both production and accelerating contention on the platform.

How to create shoppable posts on Instagram

Here’s a quick rundown on how to get started making posts shoppable on Insta:

  • Connect your Instagram Business account to your Facebook page
  • Enter all required and recommended product data in your product catalog
  • Export the product catalog from your feed management platform to Facebook
  • Submit your account to Meta for review (this may take hours, days, or even weeks)
  • Activate the Shopping feature in Instagram
  • Start creating shoppable posts with Product Tags

Instagram shoppable posts are a key component to a business P2C (product-to-consumer) strategy for the platform because they essentially bridge the gap between a product and Insta’s incredibly dynamic audience. Without P2C mechanisms and automation in play, Instagram can be a difficult channel to reap good ROI.

What is the best content for tags when creating shoppable posts?

Some of the most successful posts are the ones that show products in action. Like how they work or what benefit they bring to their prospective buyers. You could also create an Instagram guide and then show a selection of your products.

You could also start collecting and sharing user-generated content that is somehow connected with your products. You could then talk to a creator about tagging their posts. Finally, consider tagging posts with promotions, so the users want to click and see the deals they can get.

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