Syndicating success: Haleon turns to Productsup for GS1 access and perfect product content

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Haleon, formerly known as GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), is one of the global leaders in healthcare products with some of the most recognizable brands in the world. Sensodyne toothpaste, Advil and Panadol painkillers, or Centrum vitamins are just some of the household brands manufactured and distributed by the major player.

The health industry comes with its own unique challenges and bottlenecks

The Haleon team was initially facing two major bottlenecks regarding their product content syndication to their retail partners in Europe. In Europe alone, Haleon manufactures and syndicates 34,000 products to networks such as Carrefour, Coop, and Albert Heijn. One of the biggest challenges they faced was maintaining the accuracy and consistency of all the product data they were syndicating. They also struggled to distribute reliable and consistent product data to all their retail partners in different countries and languages.

The health industry demands trustworthy product content syndication technology

One of the biggest challenges facing Haleon in the Benelux was the restrictive legislation regulating what companies can say about products in the health industry. Any products that claim to be beneficial for health are strictly regulated, and businesses are at risk of receiving substantial fines for publishing inaccurate product information.

Haleon needed a software solution where their marketers and legal teams could easily monitor, edit, and upload large amounts of product information for all of their products. Considering their products are syndicated to over thirty retailers in seven languages – including the Rossman drugstore chain, Carrefour, and Coop – Haleon was pressed to find a technology provider that could handle huge volumes of data while also simplify how that data was read, amended, and exported. Manually updating the files was simply too risky from a legal perspective and would have meant that the business could not expand in the Benelux at the necessary pace.

Retail PX gave Haleon the tools needed to grow

Haleon had been using a simple content syndication solution before, but it lacked the tools needed to optimize properly and check on the product information in bulk.

When Haleon implemented the Retail PX offering from Productsup, they could take back control over all of their product data, enabling the regulatory teams to add suitable marketing text to the product information without fear of disapproval. Haleon’s ecommerce manager believes that Retail PX gave them control over how their product data was displayed on all retailers' sites. The preconfigured templates and APIs built by Productsup mean Haleon’s teams could easily manipulate and check all data before syndicating and distributing it to retailers or marketplaces.

Retail PX offers scores of tools that enable rapid bulk changes to all data files and give Haleon and other Productsup customers the option to schedule full or even partial updates to 2,500 channels.

GS1 access is essential for Haleon’s successful collaboration with major retailers

Productsup’s most significant value proposition for Haleon is access to all GS1 global data pools. It enables Haleon to quickly and easily syndicate perfect product content to any major global retailer. Access to GS1 gives Haleon a huge advantage over other health manufacturers who lack the tools or know-how to easily add massive amounts of SKUs to global data pools without wasting a lot of time on labor-intensive manual tasks. With Product Guard PX, Haleon can capture label data for its entire assortment, enrich its master product data, and make it quickly available in GS1.

For ecommerce success tomorrow, think P2C today

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Hanneke Vis
eCommerce Manager for Haleon Netherlands

“Retail PX and Product Guard PX gave us easy access to GDSN and enabled us to quickly deliver legally compliant, on-brand messaging to all of our retail partners in a fraction of the time we used to take. The Productsup platform is so easy-to-use that we can easily enhance and tailor our data in multiple languages and countries, ensuring consistent branding for all of our products.”