NEWS: The latest in product feeds + ecommerce [Q2 2019]

[WP Import] NEWS: The latest in product feeds + ecommerce [Q2 2019]

What’s new this quarter in product data feeds, your favorite channels, and the ecommerce space? We’ve got specification changes, name changes, lots of closures, and also a very cool partnership (Alibaba + Office Depot!).


Google - new and closing initiatives + key feed changes

The “Google product categories” attributes is no longer mandatory. This gives merchants the option whether or not to include it in their feed. If the attribute is not included, Google will automatically assign a category based on the information you provide. There are certain required attributes that will continue to differ between categories and should remain in one’s feed.
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Google has announced a Cloud for Retail Initiative. This will also bring seven new retail solutions, focused around topics like logistics, fulfillment, and delivery; customer acquisition and retention; and product lifecycle management; and more. Very notable among these solutions is visual product search, integrating Google Lens-type capabilities, and real-time inventory management.
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Shopping Actions retailer standards criteria to change. For those using Google Shopping Actions, Google has changed the basic criteria for “top retailers,” “meeting standards,” and “below standards.”
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Google is bringing end-to-end food ordering to Google Search, maps, and Assistant. This creates a new, direct connection between users and products and represents Google's continuing bid to become a deeply transactional platform. As of now, services like DoorDash, Postmates, and are available. More will likely join soon.
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Instagram - Hello "@shop" and "order"!

Instagram has launched their own internally managed @shop account. The account will be used to curate and share the most popular trends in real time. Curated posts will all include shoppable tags.
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Instagram seems to be testing an "order" button within the Stories section. However, Instagram has not yet confirmed or discussed the button, making it unclear what the purpose or future of such a tool may be.
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amazon news

Amazon - changes in China, Australia, and Amazon app

Bloomberg reports that the Amazon app will start showing product video ads upon relevant searches. In the past, only static image ads have appeared in search results. Testing for video on iOS has been in the works for several months. Ads for Android are set to roll out later this year.
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Amazon will be shutting down its Chinese marketplace business this July. Other service, like AWS and Kindle ebooks will continue to function as usual. Starting July 18, customers using will only show goods from the Amazon global store. Economic Times suggests this is also part of Amazon's goal to shift focus to India, where it has a better chance of success.
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The Amazon Advertising product is now available in Australia. This means local advertisers and agencies will be able to use display and video ads as well as the analytics-rich Amazon DSP.
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Bing - New names, unique tools, and LIA news

Bing Ads is officially now called Microsoft Advertising. This also means that has been changed to Microsoft advertising will include the wide variety of existing advertising products, which includes the Microsoft Audience Network.
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Microsoft Advertising is reportedly working to differentiate itself from Google Ads. A roadmap reveals at least 10 unique products either in pilot or already in use, including: 3D ads, audience-specific customizers, ad video extensions, and several more.
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After roughly a year of testing, Microsoft LIAs will now start rolling out of beta. As of June 2019, retailers with brick-and-mortar stores can leverage LIAs in their Microsoft Shopping campaigns to increase in-store foot traffic.
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Whatsapp confirms ads will begin appearing in 2020

Ads will appear in the Status section of the app and will take up the entire screen just like a standard status.
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Apple extends support for Search Ads to 46 more countries

This means Google Search ads will now be available in 59 countries.
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Facebook launching tools to help SMBs

These tools will focus on making ads and campaigns more automated. This includes the ability to automatically generate multiple versions of ads for A/B testing as well as tailored audience suggestions, recommended budgets, and performance notifications. It will also help users manage appointments and create video content within the platform.
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Alibaba partners with Office Depot

The partnership includes a co-branded ecommerce site, giving Alibaba access to Office Depot's customers and sales agents, and distribution network. Office Depot customers will get access to Alibaba's network of suppliers, increasing their product and producer options.
This is news for any business looking to combat the Amazon effect. Now Office Depot can bring new services to customers instead of just selling office supplies and products.
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eBay shutters eBay Commerce Network

eBay commerce Network, the third-party advertising network, is closing. This is likely so the company can continue to, instead, fully focus on their advertising solutions and core marketplace.
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