increases sales by 56% using dynamic ads with Productsup

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Three million shoppers in Germany and France turn to furniture portal and sister site every month to buy homeware and interior design products from 250 ecommerce store partners.
And with over 4.5 million listings to browse, search, and compare, the furniture aggregator has numerous large product feeds to import on a regular basis. In the past, mapping these products to the relevant categories and filters was proving time-consuming and painstaking. Not only did their old solution took nearly 24 hours to import all their feeds, but it also made it difficult to maintain and organize the data.
They needed a new, efficient way to manage their feeds and to drive higher quality traffic to their website with relevant, targeted ads. Let’s see how they achieved all of this with Productsup, resulting in a mammoth 56% uplift in sales.

Faster imports, no loss of feed complexity

Since their partners change their offers regularly, wanted to make it possible for them to change and process their feeds within an hour at any time of the day, so the portal’s product listings were always accurate and up to date.
Productsup helped them achieve this level of agility, enabling them to import and map large feeds within an hour, without sacrificing on the complexity of these feeds. They can now adjust hundreds of feeds according to the individual needs of their partners on a daily basis, with a 100% satisfaction rate.
Our comprehensive onboarding sessions helped them discover ways to achieve their target processing speed of an hour, while maintaining the necessarily complex nature of their feeds.

“Productsup is a great solution when dealing with really big data feeds and complex import logics. The visualization of the interface is very easy to comprehend, so that even employees outside of our data management team can understand the logic and implement new partners easily."
Markus Wittassek, Head of Content & Data Management,

Improving overall feed quality

Before they found Productsup, weren’t able to edit their import rules on a granular level, for example creating special import rules for products in a specific category. They struggled to keep an overview of their hundreds of feeds, so they wanted a better way to organize them.
The furniture aggregator also needed to map their products to the relevant categories and filters. With a complex structure of rule sets for 1200 categories and more than 200 filters, they provide a great customer experience that they don’t want to compromise.
Productsup’s platform empowers to visualize their complex import logics with our intuitive product data flow. And thanks to our user-friendly drag and drop rule boxes, anyone from the team can tweak feeds, add new partners, and set imports - including those with zero SQL skills. Plus, the optimization and readiness score gives a quick overview of the quality of their feeds and any edits they need to make. (1)

Feed-based, multichannel dynamic ads

When we started working together, the marketing team was constantly trying to balance delivering high-converting ad traffic with keeping costs low for its partners. Their static ads weren’t working for them; only dynamic ads can address the right shoppers on the right channel at the right time, and with the right message.
To create the best performing campaigns, Productsup helps them combine different data sources like product exports and performance data, to fit the needs of each customer and increase traffic quality for their partners.
Their dynamic ads advertise their 4.5 million products across Facebook, the Google Display Network, Criteo, and RTB House, serving more than a billion unique and personalized ads which automatically adjust and optimize.

“Productsup is our bridge between the needs of our partners and customers. As a result of our switch to agile feed-based marketing, we improved our relevance for our customers while greatly improving traffic quality for our partners. An increase of 56% in our main sales KPI for display marketing is just the beginning. Let’s see what we achieve next in cooperation with Productsup.”
Johannes Ullrich, Online Marketing Manager, increased their main sales KPI, sales through the portal, by 56%. And it’s all thanks to high-speed imports, agile feed management and multichannel dynamic ads. To get the rest of the story, read the complete case study here.

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