Marin Software officially becomes strategic partner

[WP Import] Marin Software officially becomes strategic partner

Productsup and Marin Software have announced a strategic alliance. marin software

Marin Software is a leading Revenue Acquisition Management Platform for advertisers and agencies, with headquarters in San Francisco and offices worldwide.

The firm has partnered with Productsup to incorporate product feed optimization into its Digital Marketing Platform.

As now seen on their website, Marin remarks:

"Product feed management for multiple platforms can be a long tedious process for many marketers, particularly when the feed can have thousands or millions of products. Marin Software has partnered with Productsup, a best-of-breed feed optimization service, to allow marketers to easily and quickly manage and optimize their product feed across supported platforms. This functionality allows marketers immense time savings, with the ability to easily create new feeds from their database without worrying about formatting and reformatting their feed for different platforms." and wallstreet-online have also reported on the integration.

"We are excited about the integrated alliance we have built with Marin Software, one of the world’s leading performance advertising platforms", says Markus Rottmaier, SVP Global Development & Partnerships at Productsup. "The integration of Productsup within the Marin ecosystem allows retailers and brands to fully utilize the potential of their product-data driven ad campaigns to ensure maximum visibility of their products. New and existing Marin clients can now upgrade to Productsup’s platform solution and independently analyze, optimize and enrich product data feeds in the most intuitive and simple way possible.“


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