Facebook Flight Ads open up prospecting opportunities

[WP Import] Facebook Flight Ads open up prospecting opportunities

Facebook’s Dynamic ads for Travel for flights are getting a new name and a new usage.
The newly released  “Flight ads” are used specifically to advertise flight deals like those seen below. In the past, the Dynamic ads for Travel for flight were used to retarget users. Businesses could serve ads to customers who had visited their site or used their app.

Facebook Flight Ads

Source: Facebook

Now, those businesses can find users who are browsing for flights on other channels. In other words, Flight ads can be used for prospecting.
For example, when a user browses several airline sites and flight pricing apps, that’s a clear sign they’re looking for a flight and could be a good prospect. Now, businesses can serve a Facebook Flight ad directly to that user.
AirFrance has reportedly already found success with Flight Ads. While trying to acquire new US customers, they were able to drive searches to their site while also lowering cost-per-search by 66%.

“Opening up prospecting for Flight Ads has made a huge difference on our campaign performance. Our cost per install dropped by almost 20% on Facebook and the interaction rates skyrocketed due to the increased relevance of the ads." -Simon Lejeune, Head of User Acquisition, Hopper

Your feed requirements

To use these ads, you’ll need your up-to-date flight catalog. You should have this if you’re already advertising flights with Dynamic ads. Now, you just need to update your campaign.

Next step

Want to get started? Flight ads will be rolled out globally and to all advertisers on Facebook, Instagram, and the Audience Network in the coming weeks. They are compatible with the Carousel ad format. You’ll also want to decide how to measure success: that may be search, view content, initiate checkout, or purchase.
Go to Facebook to read more and get started.

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