How to increase your Google Shopping click-through-rate by 40% [Case Study]

[WP Import] How to increase your Google Shopping click-through-rate by 40% [Case Study]

Are you looking for innovative ways to increase your Google Shopping click-through-rate?

Workwear is not the only thing that are experts in. The German retailer is also great at marketing their products, fully understanding the influence a product feed has on a campaign's performance. With a quick and clever enhancement to their product titles, GenXtreme increased their Google Shopping click-through-rate (CTR) by 40%.

Since using Productsup to manage their product data, GenXtreme have become proficient platform users that have taken their data to a whole new level. GenXtreme now successfully delivers high-quality data to some of the most popular shopping and marketing channels by the likes of Google, Facebook, Criteo, Zanox, and BING.

In our new case study we share three key ways in which Productsup has helped the merchant reach new heights for their Google Shopping campaigns. You'll also learn what changes GenXtreme made to their product titles to increase their click-through-rate on Google Shopping by 40%.

How did they do this? Hint: the keyword is keyword.

__"With the tool at our disposal, it has become really easy to scale our product data marketing as the business grows, and vice versa” __- Jan Koenigs, Chief Marketing Office at GenXtreme

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