[VIDEO] 3 reasons for brands and retailers to love Snapchat Ads

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Snapchat is huge. 229 million daily active users kind of huge. And perhaps more interestingly, they continue to expand, with 20% year-over-year active user growth. Now that Snapchat Dynamic Ads are finally out and available for advertisers around the world, you’re probably thinking about advertising there. Is it worth it? If you haven’t been using it in the past, why, and is now the right time to start?
Let’s look at three reasons for brands and retailers to love Snapchat ads and see if that changes your mind.

The first reason is: the audience.

The audience pool is not just large, it’s also very unique. A lot of Snapchat users don’t really spend so much time on other platforms.
Greenberg Strategy did a study and found that many Snapchatters consider the app to be their main method of communication with friends. For reference, 38% of Snapchat’s daily audience in the US will not use Instagram on any given day. In Germany, that number jumps to 67%. Snapchat’s users just really like Snapchat. So it isn’t just a question of which social media platform has more users, but which platforms cater to which audiences.

Reason number two, the targeting.

Snapchat feeds right into the super high expectations that marketers have when it comes to targeting. Snapchat ads can be used for both prospecting and retargeting. They include the options you know and love, like Lookalike Audiences based, and custom audiences, or you can target demographics that are really specific, including categories like college graduates, life events, occupation, income bracket, and more of course.
Or you can target a specific location, like the blocks around one of your locations or an area that you service. Snapchatters are often on mobile so that means you can really reach them at specific moments in their day. Plus, all these targeting options means you can get quite creative as well as specific.

Reason number three, the cost.

No matter how you spin it, most performance marketers agree that advertising on Snapchat will cost less than Facebook and Instagram. The exact number, of course, depends on who you ask, but for example Nielsen found that Snap ads were 33% more efficient than other digital media platforms.
Plus, to top it off, Dynamic Ads in particular seem to work great with Snapchat’s audience.
Adidas reportedly saw 52% growth in ROAS during their testing phase.
And Shady Rays sunglasses reported a 286% increase in ROAS compared to a retargeting campaign they were running simultaneously
And our last reason to think about Snapchat advertising: the Dynamic Ads. Yes, I said three but there are actually four reasons ecommerce businesses should use Snapchat more, and that is the Dynamic Ads. For a while, these were available only in the US, and now they’re finally available for numerous countries including the UK, Germany, France, Saudi Arabia, and some others.
These look and feel much like Facebook dynamic ads and other catalog-driven, automated ad formats, which means you just need to upload a feed, make a few choices about content and format, and that’s basically it. Then you can start building a campaign and advertising dynamically.

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