ALDI SUISSE drives 30% more possible impressions on Google with Productsup

ALDI SUISSE drives 30% more possible impressions on Google

When you want to do a shopping haul of affordable groceries or pick up a few items for dinner… where do you go? If you’re in Switzerland, there’s a big chance you’ll visit ALDI SUISSE. This is one of the largest employers in the country. As such, they of course have a strong marketing strategy and a masterful team of advertisers at its disposal. But ALDI Suisse wanted to do more.
They wanted to bring their programmatic advertising to a new level, and make the most of the many targeting options available today. Here’s what happened.

Programmatic marketing today: lots of options

Google is indispensable for marketers today. It’s the bread and butter of many performance marketing departments, so you might think that processes for ad management would be highly evolved and easy.
For many types of online ads, it is easy. Google Marketing generally makes it easy to work at scale. However, dynamic and product-specific advertising can require a little extra footwork (or, rather, a lot more footwork). This is because dynamic ads require specially-crafted details for each and every product. For some brands and retailers, that could be 100s to 100,000s SKUs. And it’s up to each company to come up with this data themselves - and that is not easy.
To dynamically advertise their products on Google, ALDI SUISSE needed to:

  • Create product feeds from the ground up, with nothing but raw data to work with
  • Clean up product images, removing backgrounds
    It’s possible to perform these tasks manually or with simple tooling, but it isn’t ideal. If they chose to do this manually, the team would need help from IT for a lot of the work. They would also need to constantly be on top of pricing changes. This would be a huge task when you’re one of the country’s largest supermarket chains, like ALDI SUISSE!

    Instead of adding more complicated steps, ALDI SUISSE took a single smart one: adding the Productsup platform to their stack.

ALDI SUISSE automates feed processes, erases 66 labor hours per month

The Productsup platform supports a number of functions, and for ALDI SUISSE the goal was better feed management and easier data syndication. With the Productsup platform, they replaced manual processes with automation. They were able to:

  • Create product feeds tailored for not only Google but also Facebook
  • Take existing product images and make them Google-ready
  • Keep product prices up-to-date on tall their Google ads
    These changes led to a few results. Of course, it was a great win for the team. They have more control over their product ads and can do more when it comes to tailoring product data. And on top of getting a “breath of fresh air” from busywork, they were able to erase 66 hours of repetitive work per month. That’s a huge amount of resources that could then be invested in other parts of the business.
    But that’s not all.

“We extended our possible programmatic reach by 30% thanks to Productsup” Lars Kops, Senior consultant - ALDI SUISSE

That’s right. They were able to increase possible impressions on the Google Marketing Platform from 45 billion to 74 billion. Now that’s something to celebrate.

ALDI SUISSE was also able to strengthen their Facebook marketing with the Productsup platform. They were even able to generate tailored new images for each product. To get the rest of the story, check out the complete case study here!

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