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ALDI SUISSE AG is a Swiss company and part of the globally successful retail trade company, ALDI SÜD Group. The company is known for its simple branding and reliability in all business activities – from production to advertising. Being reliable, however, means being agile. As more and more consumers demand multi-channel experiences, ALDI would need to find a way to strengthen its online presence and live up to the new generation of expectations. In doing so, they would face several challenges.

Number of products: 1600

Use case: Google Marketing Platform and Facebook dynamic ads


  • Create an initial product feed
  • Keep agile pricing up to date
  • Increase the number of possible impressions


ALDI was well aware of their need to be present on popular channels like Google and Facebook. But they also knew they’d face some hurdles along the way. Here are a few of the roadblocks they faced.

1. Create initial product feed from scratch

The first thing they would need to do is create a product feed from the ground up. Without automation, it would take weeks to manually extract product information from their retail website and enter it into an excel spreadsheet. Not only would this exhaustive task take up valuable time and time, but it would also increase the risk for human error and the potential for advertising mishaps. Additionally, the ALDI team would need to manually update their excel sheets for even the smallest changes to ensure accurate ads.

2. Customize product feeds for different channels

The team would need to craft individual product feeds for both Google and Facebook. This is because the product feed requirements and best practices vary by channel. Therefore, the team would need to carefully and manually tailor each and every line in their original feed or ask IT for support. Doing it this way would leave little room for optimization potential and would take days to weeks to complete. Moreover, if any error or mistake occurred, Facebook and Google could disapprove of their entire feed.

3. Keep fluctuating pricing up to date

Known for being affordable, ALDI’s product prices are constantly changing. That brought a whole other level of complexity to their feeds. Whether it would be a sale or the introduction of a new product line, ALDI’s team would need to find a way to keep their pricing up to date across channels at all times. This simply wouldn’t be possible to do manually. And asking for help from IT would leave them tied up and unable to launch ads quickly.

ALDI’s team knew they needed to find a way to automate their feed management processes. So they went searching for a capable solution.


Luckily, it wasn’t long before ALDI found Productsup.

1. Extensive product content manipulation possibilities

Creating the perfect feed for Facebook Dynamic ads was easier than ever with Productsup’s huge portfolio of built-in editing options. ALDI’s team could tailor text attributes in bulk according to the requirements of each channel.

2. Bulk image optimization

Compelling ad images are vital to the success of any Facebook dynamic ad campaign. With Productsup’s Image Designer, ALDI’s digital marketing team could quickly and easily create high-performing product images for each and every product in their feed. Google Marketing Platform and ALDI’s CI, on the other hand, required their team to remove the background of each image and swap it for a black background. To ensure their images adhered to these guidelines, the ALDI team leveraged, an image background removal service connected to the Productsup platform. This allowed them to remove backgrounds in bulk to ensure that all images in their product feed were ready to go.

3. Built-in channel connections and automated feed updates

Adhering to Facebook and Google’s unique product feed specifications was no challenge at all for ALDI. The team simply used the built-in Facebook dynamic ads and Google Marketing Platform channel templates in the Productsup platform. The data gathered from their website was automatically mapped to fit the format requirements of each channel. On top of that, Productsup is packed with channel integrations and APIs. This made it easy to publish and maintain accurate product data on both Facebook and Google.
“We extended our possible programmatic reach by 30% thanks to Productsup.”
Lars Kops
Senior Consultant


Since choosing Productsup, ALDI’s digital marketing team has been able to automate their day to day tasks and focus on bigger projects. In fact, they have recorded saving 66 hours of work per month. Moreover, the team has noticed a substantial boost in channel performance thanks to Productsup product feed optimization possibilities. ALDI was able to increase possible impressions on the Google Marketing Platform from 45,971,217,920 to 74,738,754,176. That's a 30% increase! ALDI’s team now knows their digital ads are high-quality and up-to-date across channels.

“With Productsup we were able to save 66 hours a month of repetitive and undemanding work."
Lars Kops
Senior Consultant


ALDI SUISSE AG is a Swiss company headquartered in Schwarzenbach (SG) and is part of the ALDI SÜD Group, a globally successful retail trade company. Simple, responsible, and reliable are the core values of the company's business activities. This means that in addition to high-quality products at permanently low prices, sustainable, environmentally friendly, and animal-friendly production is also ensured. A large proportion of the turnover from the standard ALDI SUISSE range of around 1600 products is generated with articles from Switzerland.

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