Life at Productsup: Time to work and time to recharge

  Life at Productsup: Time to work and time to recharge   Life at Productsup: Time to work and time to recharge

Every company has its own culture, values, and atmosphere. Productsup prides itself on nurturing a positive, supportive, and collaborative working environment where driven individuals are encouraged to seize their personal growth opportunities and excel at what they do. Our collective strength comes from each individual and their unique stories.

Meet Tess

Theresa Leinberger

Tell us a little about yourself

I’m Tess - Head of Talent Acquisition – and I joined Productsup in May 2018. I’m from Germany and have worked in People & Culture for over 8 years. I love to be active and outdoorsy. That’s why I moved from Berlin to the mountains of southern Germany during the pandemic. I just got back from a sabbatical, where I was diving in Indonesia and traveling around New Zealand in a camper van.

Camper van

Why did you join Productsup?

I had just returned from a long South America trip and was looking for a new job. I heard about Productsup through my network. I hadn’t heard of them before, but after checking their career site, glassdoor reviews and watching an employer branding video, I was intrigued. I knew it was something special when I first came to the office. The atmosphere was very warm and welcoming, and I immediately felt this is my dream employer. When I started, there were only 4 of us on the P&C team and 80 employees in total. We have grown a lot since then, and there are now nearly 350 of us. It’s quite a success story.

Tell us about your trip and how it has helped your career

After some action-packed years, including Covid and our Hypergrowth, it was time for me to take a longer break. I packed my bags and flew to the UK to meet an old friend. After an amazing road trip to the beautiful Isle of Skye in Scotland, I went to Indonesia, where I had a fantastic time diving and doing yoga. My Productsup team challenged me to poke a Komodo dragon while I was there. Mission accomplished!

Tess with komodo dragon

After 5 weeks in Indonesia, I went to New Zealand, where I rented a campervan and explored both islands over 5 glorious weeks.

I learned so much during my big trip. I learnt about people, different cultures and so much more. One major life lesson was how little influence we have over things that aren’t in our control. Like when bad weather canceled my plans for a big hike or when I wanted to see something, but the tour was booked out. I learned to accept such things and make the best out of them anyway. Also, looking at the world from a different perspective helps me come up with creative solutions that I may not have come up with otherwise. These are some of the great learnings which I have transferred back to my job.

Tess climbing

Are you looking forward to four more years at Productsup?

Coming back was really easy. I was totally refreshed and ready to come back to my friends and family. After one week of acclimatizing and overcoming jet lag, I was ready to inject my energy back into Productsup. It was a very special moment for me when I met up with my team again.

How important is it that companies offer sabbaticals?

After a few years of working, many people feel the need to focus on something else. For some, it’s learning; for others, it’s traveling or volunteering. It’s great to work for an employer who understands and supports this. There are of course, some rules, one must be with the company for several years and have a team in place to cover your tasks. In my case, I promoted two of my senior employees to interim team leads, and they did such an amazing job that nobody even realized I’d been gone for 3 months. I now feel completely recharged and ready to work for many more years at Productsup.

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What wisdom would you like to share with candidates?

Working at Productsup gives me a feeling of belonging. Here you’ll be seen as a human being with needs and dreams. Taking my success story as an example, I’ve developed so much during my time here. I started as HR Manager and am now the head of a department. Not only was I supported and pushed throughout my career development, I was also given the opportunity to discover my strengths and build on them. If you’re looking for an opportunity to grow personally and professionally in an ever-changing, fast-paced environment, you should look at our open roles.

What’s your superpower?

I’m not afraid to touch Komodo dragons or dive with sharks.

Productsup is a sum of its unique blend of talented individuals who are the main ingredient in our collective success. Our 345 employees from 46 nationalities cover 45 markets and serve 900 customers. Together we build, together we achieve, together we care.

Tess diving

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