Managed services

Our managed services offer your business full support but leave you in complete control


Taking full control of your data amidst increasing commerce anarchy doesn’t have to be an intimidating task. At Productsup, we know how challenging the P2C journey can be and that’s why we’ve developed dedicated managed services teams to enable businesses to create the foundations for sustainable commerce success. Managed services can be utilized for the whole partnership or for one-off projects. Read below to know more about our package or one-off project or solutions offerings.


Your Feed Manager as a dedicated solutions partner

With the Managed Services Productsup Platform Package, a team of Feed Managers will be assigned to your account. You can send requests to your dedicated contact person on the team, and the team will then execute.

  • Quick execution of account requests
  • Build and grow your account according to best practices
  • Troubleshooting support
  • Account management training for your teams
  • Strategic partner for future growth and success
  • Regular calls and business reviews

Hands-on support for one-off projects

If you are planning to use our P2C platform for a one-off project or solution, talk to us about short-term managed services. Short-term or project-based managed services can remove the uncertainty around new plans and reduce the resources needed to independently pursue new solutions. Together with your team, we’ll scope the projects and give you fixed milestones for your project roadmap – tailored to your priorities and aligned with your projected business outcomes plans.

Would you like to hear more about our managed services packages?

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