Dynamic image and video creation

    Customized, dynamically generated ad creative turns every product into a showstopper.

    Attention. Grabbed.

    Get noticed by shoppers with imagery and video that leap out from digital shelves. Enrich images with purchase-influencing information like price, size, and logos. Or turn static images into videos that catch the eye.

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      Use templates and bulk editing options to enhance product creative.

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      Make changes and add elements easily using drag and drop functionality.

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      Personalize creative according to any channel, market, and audience.


    Image designer

    Break through the clutter and inspire action with dynamic, information-rich product images.

    How do you reach consumers in a highly saturated ecommerce market? With product images that grab their attention and inspire them into action. By enriching ad imagery with compelling product details, you can make the most of every touchpoint.

    Put your imagery to work

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      Dynamic templates

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      800+ fonts for text overlay

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      200+ icons


    “Productsup allowed us to move the task of feed management from our IT team to our design team, part of our digital marketing team, which has drastically cut down time spent on feed preparation. With marketing now in control, we are able to avoid IT developments and export directly high-performing feeds within 24 hours.”

    José Luis Aranda Riera
    Global Digital Marketing Director

    Dynamic video

    Create unique, captivating product videos and fuel your rich media ad campaigns at scale.

    Quality product video ads bridge the gap between online and offline. Productsup Dynamic Video makes it easy to create compelling videos from static images that capture attention, showcase products, and drive conversions.

    Add new levels of engagement

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      Personalized audio

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      Automated video templates

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      High-resolution rich media content

    Powerful features

    Detailed imagery, compelling video, and automated templates are just the start. Productsup includes all the features you need to make sure your creative stands out from the crowd.

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      OpenWeather Map API

      Automatically add real-time weather reports to your creative with seamless OpenWeatherMap integration.

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      Geolocation service

      Easily generate the longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates of your location-based offers using the addresses in your feed.

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      TripAdvisor API

      Add credibility to your images and videos by showcasing current TripAdvisor ratings.

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      A/B testing

      Test product data feed variants to identify best performing versions.

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