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About inoutData Project

inoutData Project is located in Barcelona, Spain and offers digitalization management and strategy services for companies in the field of Communication and Information technologies. It is specialized in Database Publication automation processes. They have experience in content treatment and are working for 5 years now in the implementation of projects with PIM.

inoutData Project helps companies improve their work processes by incorporating tools and workflows that allow them to be more efficient.

About the partnership

"The partnership with Productsup represents a great bet for the integration with PIMCORE and offers our customers an agile and versatile solution for the optimization and distribution of content for sale or consultation online. We are confident that with Productsup we are adding to our customers' digitalization strategy."

Cinto Gómez, Founder and CEO, inoutData Project

inoutData Project on commerce complexity

“The pandemic has accelerated the need to rely on the purchase of products and services through ecommerce platforms. Until now, inoutData has been trying to develop export processes to the most used platforms to reach all possible online points of sale. The discovery of the Productsup platform boosts the possibilities of feed management in an accelerated way. The automated processing and debugging of content Productsup the ideal platform to complement product managers and process automation. The possibility of analyzing end-customer behavior allows Productsup to correct and adjust sales strategies. Productsup gives you the control you need to thrive in commerce complexity.”

Cinto Gómez, Founder and CEO, inoutData Project

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Office locations

Barcelona (Spain)


Catalan, Spanish, English

Partnership type

Value-added Implementation Partner


content processing, automation, database publishing, product information management

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