Company news | June 22, 2023

Productsup equips brands with advanced capabilities for driving global growth on Amazon


The Amazon A+ Content Builder and Global Amazon API empower Productsup customers to tailor product content more efficiently and expand their consumer reach in the Amazon store

Productsup, the leading Product-to-Consumer (P2C) software company, has announced an advanced set of features within its platform that enable businesses to further enhance product listings in the Amazon store. The tools, Amazon A+ Content Builder and Global Amazon API, provide Amazon sellers with full control over their product content to create a compelling brand story while scaling their operations globally.

“Selling in the Amazon store is a powerful channel for many businesses. It gives brands of all sizes and from any region in the world access to one of the largest global consumer bases, while being backed by a reliable market leader,” said Koen Looijmans, Executive Vice President of Retail at Productsup. “But until now, Amazon sellers have had to rely on numerous and disparate tools to successfully manage their brand across countries and categories. We’re excited to offer the capabilities companies have been waiting for to take their Amazon operations to new heights.”

Many global brands rely on Productsup to maximize their sales in the Amazon store. With these platform features, Productsup customers can create high-impact, error-free product listings across all of Amazon’s active stores:

Amazon A+ Content Builder

The Amazon A+ Content Builder is a tool that enables businesses to easily create and export A+ Content for their products on Amazon directly from the Productsup platform. Amazon introduced A+ Content to help brands enrich their product descriptions and page details with enhanced images and video content to share their brand's story. Now with Productsup’s new tool, Amazon sellers can customize their A+ Content stories from predefined dynamic templates that meet Amazon’s requirements. Not only does this make it easier to create unique and engaging product stories that meet the specific needs of each target audience, but it also allows businesses to test and analyze various product titles, descriptions, and images to achieve higher conversion rates and increase Amazon search rankings.

Global Amazon API

The Global Amazon API allows businesses to create and publish product content on the Amazon Seller Central and Vendor Central in all countries where Amazon is present. The feature breaks down barriers for brands looking to make their products available in new markets by simplifying and accelerating the process of tailoring product information for individual countries. In addition to customizing listings to fit cultural differences, such as translations to various languages, Amazon has unique product content requirements for each country it’s active in. Using the Global Amazon API, Productsup customers ensure their product pages meet the standards of both Amazon and the specific audience of consumers to scale faster and grow international sales.

Learn more about how Productsup enables businesses to grow their revenue in the Amazon store through its Marketplaces PX offering here. Download Productsup’s Amazon product detail page guide for an in-depth look at the best practices for setting up product pages in the Amazon store.

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