Company news | October 11, 2022

Melitta selects Productsup for content syndication of FMCG and Consumer Electronics

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Sven van de Voorde

Product Marketing Manager

Productsup’s P2C platform will provide Melitta with more control over its brands’ product content

Productsup, the leading Product-to-Consumer (P2C) software company, has announced that Melitta, a manufacturer known for the brands Toppits, Swirl and Melitta, will utilize its P2C platform to enrich all of its product information and share the optimized content with any retailer.

Productsup’s P2C platform simplifies the process of creating perfect product content through smart capabilities, such as automatically detecting incomplete products that require more information. Similarly, Melitta is automatically notified via the Productsup dashboard when retailers offer new content opportunities.

"We look forward to working with Productsup to gain better insight into our data for each retailer and to be able to enrich it in an easy, centralized way," said Geert Tibosch, e-Commerce Manager Benelux Melitta & Swirl Quinyo at Melitta.

"Melitta is a great company with a large range of products, such as coffee beans and paper coffee filters, as well as electronics like coffee makers and milk foamers,” said Dominic van Waversveld, Key Account Manager at Productsup. “Especially with electrical devices, it is necessary that all available information is clearly displayed on each channel. We are excited to work with Melitta, as our platform provides the necessary tools for this optimization process."

In addition to optimizing product content for any channel, Productsup also provides the following benefits to Melitta:

  • Internal workflow improvements
  • Seamless and fast time-to-market
  • Complete overview of product content
  • Visibility of product content performance
  • Global syndication capabilities

*This partnership started between Melitta and World of Content, which was acquired by Productsup in June 2022.

About Melitta

Under the Melitta® brand, consumers can find everything that goes with a really good cup of coffee: filter coffee, filter bags®, hand filters, filter coffee makers, fully automatic coffee machines, coffee grinders, kettles, milk foamers and much more. And in over 40 countries worldwide.

We set the highest quality standards for our products. Our role model is the company founder Melitta Bentz: in 1908, using a brass box and a sheet of blotting paper, she developed the world's first coffee filter. With her ingenuity, entrepreneurial spirit and passion, she successfully built the company and thus laid the foundation for our present-day concern.

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