How Productsup got Cazoo’s entire used car catalog online in just two weeks

Cazoo and Productsup case study
  • 130,000

    car sales enabled till July 2023.

  • 3 days

    to onboard new marketing partners.

  • 2 weeks

    to onboard and integrate Productsup platform.

Cazoo is a British car retailer operating an online marketplace for used cars. Founded in 2018, their mission is to transform the car buying and selling experience across the UK by making it as convenient as possible to purchase or sell a car online. With Cazoo, consumers can order a used car and receive it – either by collecting it from a Cazoo Customer Centre or having it delivered – at a time that suits them, 7 days a week.


When Cazoo launched its online business in December 2019, it needed a platform that would help them scale and market their product offering as quickly and effectively as possible. With Productsup, they found the perfect partner to enable them to achieve their ambitious goals.


  • Keeping up with channel requirements
  • Increasing ecommerce data complexity
  • Labor-intensive manual tasks eating up resources

Cazoo faced a number of technical challenges as they launched the business. One of the biggest challenges was adapting their product data to their marketing partners’ requirements. Partners such as Google, Autotrader, and AA Cars all require different file formats and attributes.

With so many distinct and unique cars in their product portfolio, the complexity of Cazoo’s product data was enormous. Each car has different attributes, like color, mileage, features, etc., so it was a challenging task to ensure that all relevant data points were shared in the correct format.


  • Less reliance on IT developer support
  • Customized data exports
  • Autonomous error monitoring

By implementing the Productsup P2C platform, the Digital Marketing team at Cazoo took ownership of their product data feeds without requiring a lot of support from the Product or IT departments.

The Productsup P2C platform helps Cazoo’s digital marketing team build customized product data exports which can be sent to all of their marketing partners and advertising channels (e.g. Autotrader, Facebook, or Google). Thanks to the blank export and rule box functionalities, product data can be added and adjusted flexibly within a structured feed. Cazoo didn’t need to invest in a costly dealer management system.

Additionally, the error monitoring capabilities ensure that the data shared with marketing partners is complete and accurate, enabling excellent consumer experiences at all times.


  • Almost immediate go-live
  • Fast activation of new marketing partners
  • Increased sales

Thanks to Productsup’s support and implementation team, it took Cazoo less than two weeks to onboard all of its product data to the Productsup P2C platform and launch campaigns on several marketing channels which helped Cazoo’s online launch.

Leveraging the platform’s capabilities, Cazoo can now set up new partner export feeds in seconds and activate new partners within three days. Working with Productsup, Cazoo has added 16 new marketing partners (Aug 2023) to reach even more consumers.

The P2C platform played an important role for Cazoo in facilitating over 130,000 retail vehicle sales across its marketing channels since business's formation in 2019 up to July 2023. The P2C platform has become a key revenue driver and a crucial part of its tech stack.

Mike Grethe, Marketing manager Cazoo
Mike Grethe
Senior Digital Marketing Manager

“Productsup’s unique features have made the platform an intrinsic part of our marketing tech stack. The Data Services functionality helps us transform our master data into a clear, understandable format while the Image Designer enables the bulk creation of high-quality product visuals for our target audience.”

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