Productsup scores victory at SEMY Awards - again

[WP Import] Productsup scores victory at SEMY Awards - again

We did it! Last night (16 March) at the Germany SEMY Awards held in Munich, Productsup took to the stage to claim our prize for "Best Specialized SEA Tool".

Productsup Scores Victory_SEMY-Awards-2016


[caption id="attachment_10611" align="aligncenter" width="800"]ALT="winners at semy awards" Productsup on stage at SEMY Awards 2016[/caption]

The German SEMY awards, held in cooperation with the Search Marketing Expo (SMX), recognize the most effective, most innovative, most creative tools, campaigns and agencies in the online marketing field.

This is our second win in a row, having won the awards for "Most Helpful SEA Tool" in 2015 - and yet our smiles are just as big as last year! A very big thank you to the jury who voted for us and our customers who continue to support us.

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