Productsup gets approved for IBM Global Solutions Directory

[WP Import] Productsup gets approved for IBM Global Solutions Directory

"Global Solutions Directory – Solution Approved - Productsup"

This was the subject line of the email received last week by IBM and it's an email we would love to star, print and file, as it marks another small but significant step in the long-term success story of Productsup.

In 2015 Productsup was accepted for IBM's Global Entrepreneurship Program and in turn, the company was welcomed as a member of the IBM PartnerWorld.

As part of this, we've been exploring innovative ways in which we can work together with IBM to simplify and maximize the work for businesses. After some deep evaluation and testing, we partnered with IBM Commerce platforms to enable a seamless transfer of product data from IBM WebSphere Commerce - without the loss of information.

Last week, IBM officially recognized Productsup as a "ready for commerce" software.  Now with their stamp of approval, the company is officially listed in the IBM Global Solutions Directory. Have a look here.

IBM global solutions directory

You can find out more about the Productsup & IBM platforms integration here.

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