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It’s official - TikTok has launched its very own Dynamic Showcase Ads. The leading destination for short-form mobile video is continuing to add to its ecommerce offering, now giving brands the means to serve personalized, targeted ads based on the users’ interests. The announcement was made today at TikTok World. Thanks to Productsup, it’s now easier than ever for brands to create TikTok Dynamic Showcase Ads.

TikTok presents a sales and marketing opportunity that’s ripe for picking. According to TikTok’s research, 50% of its users discover new products through ads on the app.

It’s no surprise then that over the last twelve months, it has added features and capabilities to help companies increase brand awareness and drive sales. With TikTok Dynamic Showcase Ads now available and new commerce solutions on the horizon, it’s time for brands whose target audience matches TikTok’s to take notice and start selling.

What are TikTok Dynamic Showcase Ads?

In a nutshell, TikTok Dynamic Showcase Ads enable advertisers to promote their hundreds, thousands, or millions of SKUs through personalized, targeted ads. The available templates enable the creation of content that feels native to TikTok’s community, including audio, text overlays, and engaging clips. You can show your audience unique, tailored ads, without the need to set them all up from scratch. Content is auto-generated by pulling creatives from your product feeds.

What makes TikTok Dynamic Showcase Ads special? TikTok is a home for creative self-expression that nurtures authentic, entertaining content. Its Dynamic Showcase Ads offering follows the same creative principles. This means that your ads will make an engaging and entertaining product showcase and will enable you to connect with new audiences. TikTok can help you drive app downloads, website traffic, and conversions through personalized ads targeting at scale.

As your product feeds power these ads, they are rather low maintenance. And because they’re so personalized and relevant, this has a positive effect on campaign performance, leading to better brand experiences and more sales.

Best practices for your TikTok Dynamic Showcase Ads

  • Be channel-ready. Prepare your feed to be perfectly structured and fully in line with TikTok’s unique requirements.
  • Bear in mind TikTok’s shared language of video. Brands having the most success are those that embrace the creativity and authenticity of the TikTok community.
  • Get ready to launch your campaign. Figure out your advertising objective, target audience, core creatives, budget, and bidding strategy. And don’t forget to set up your Pixel.
  • Keep enhancing your product content. Although dynamic product ads can be a one-time setup format, you can improve your product content as you analyze performance data and make sure your campaigns perform the best they can.

TikTok is working with trusted partners to optimize the experience for advertisers. Productsup is one of those partners, so we’d love to tell you more about how we can help you skyrocket your TikTok Dynamic Showcase Ads performance.

“On TikTok, content that feels native to the platform is key to creating an engaging experience. We’re thrilled to be working with the best-in-class partners who can help brands to integrate their product catalogs and create personalized Dynamic Showcase Ads that capture consumers’ attention.” - Gabe Nicolau, Head of Vertical Ads Solutions, TikTok

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