Platform use case: norisk exports product data to an ecommerce client's on-site search

[WP Import] Platform use case: norisk exports product data to an ecommerce client's on-site search

E-commerce marketing agency norisk exports product data to's real-time search display engine.


Are you missing a useful, important export channel on Productsup?

With Productsup you can export your product data feed to unlimited channels, including a fully customized template designed by you.

But the platform also provides a host of predefined templates ready to be used by you in an effort to help you boost your performance online. The most popular channels include Google Merchant Center (for Google Shopping campaigns), Facebook (for dynamic ads), Idealo (and all your major price comparison sites), and Criteo (because your marketing partners need your product information too!).

But did you know that with Productsup you can also export feeds to on-site search display providers?

These are your on-site search engines that serve to display the most relevant products to a shopper who enters a search query on the retailers very own website.

New use case

In our latest use case, we share how marketing agency norisk is doing just that. norisk exports merchant product data for their client to site-search technology Celebros.

In preparing the product data feed for Celebros, however, norisk identified two key challenges. These were brought about by the data export structure of the shop system and the nature of the merchant's goods - one which calls for many product variants. With Productsup - and our special "merge variants" service, norisk was able to easily solve these challenges.(


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