Boost your performance this holiday shopping season with these insights from 2000+ product data marketers [Infographic]


    'Tis the season for another round of holiday shopping.

    What have you done to make sure you capitalize on the opportunities that come with it?

    Particularly during the holiday shopping season, merchants and marketers need to double check that they have crossed all the t's and dotted all the i's for a successful shopping campaign.

    We’ve analyzed the data and activity of more than 2000 Productsup platform users getting ready for this crucial period for online sales. What are the most popular import channels and what shopping and marketing channels are used the most? What improvements are merchants making to their product data feeds? And what special things are advanced product data marketers doing on the platform? See these and other key patterns and insights in our infographic below. You can also download it here. 

    How do you fare when you compare? Find out if you’re ahead of the game, on track or still need to make your way to the starting line to survive the next season of holiday shopping – and beyond.


    __Click here to download the infographic__