Dedicated Instagram Shopping channel is finally here

[WP Import] Dedicated Instagram Shopping channel is finally here

Instagram fills a special place in its users’ hearts. It’s just not like any other social platform. After all, where would users be without the gorgeous, captivating photos that make them want to get out there and do something--or, perhaps, buy something? This is likely why the line between Instagram and shopping keeps getting thinner. Now, Instagram’s latest move is the launch of a new Shopping tab, giving advertisers a huge increase in potential sales. Say hello to the newest opportunity for brands and retailers to sell on Instagram!
There are actually two changes being announced this month: an expansion of Shopping Stories and the all-new dedicated Shopping channel in Explore.
Let’s take a closer look.

The new Instagram Shopping channel

By navigating over to Instagram’s Explore, you’ll see topics like “Travel,” “Art,” “Animals,” and even “For you.” You’ll also see one tab simply titled “Shopping.” Once clicked, shoppers are led to a dedicated page where they can browse and buy products from the brands they follow.
instagram shopping channel
The page is almost like a heightened version of a company’s webstore. However, instead of pages and pages of product images and the usual product information, you get gorgeous Instagram ads in the style and format you already know you love.

Shopping stories to be rolled out

Instagram has already been testing Shopping in Stories since June. Now they’re rolling it out to 46 countries. These ads appear as tags within a brand’s behind-the-scenes stories. All a user needs to do is tap on the product shown to learn more.
instagram shopping stories
Cute crop top? Nice shoes? Just tap to see the product details. For images designed to be trendy and inviting, this is a great opportunity to turn curiosity into a purchase.
400+ million accounts visit Instagram stories each day. That’s a lot of users around the globe, so it’s not a surprise that Instagram decided to add more advertising opportunities. Plus, according to Instagram, one-third of the most viewed stories are from businesses.
You can find the complete new post on Instagram here
What’s next? Will the world ever get a dedicated Instagram Shopping app? Time will tell. For now, if you’re not already acquainted with Instagram’s established Dynamic ad format,  find your complete introduction here.

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