Export merchant data to on-site search engines with Productsup

[WP Import] Export merchant data to on-site search engines with Productsup

On-site search engines play a significant role in generating sales for an online shop. They should be on your top list of shopping feed exports.

In the online empire, shopping options are multiplied, offers are endless and competition is rife. Retailers spend thousands on securing product visibility on shopping channels and marketing platforms around the globe, from the most popular to the most niche. In doing so, some retailers only consider external marketing channels, and they forget to look at the performance of search results on their very own shop.

On-site search is just as important as online search performance

When you eventually do get a shopper on your own web-shop, you want to keep them. Give them the best possible experience - more importantly give them what they're looking for.

What does this mean?

If you type "ankle boots" in the search bar of a store, do you really need to see the same item appear five times, in 5 different sizes? We hope not. However what you do need to see is if an ankle boot comes in a different color or shade.

So, it's the same… but different?

The same item can be listed in the available colors but the available sizes for each color should be kept as details on the product page (once clicked). See it as: size is predetermined for a shopper, whereas color is a choice. They want choice.

The example below shows the on-site search engine's results for "blue jacket." As you can see, the middle and the right listing are the same item but in two different shades of blue.

on-site search example

Wondering how this retailer got it right? Thank their marketing agency and Productsup certified partner: norisk.

norisk has perfected the product data export to on-site search engines (a.k.a real-time search display providers)

Productsup Certified Partners - Norisk

We have a use case that shows how norisk easily created one such feed for their retail clients: www.sportschuster.de. Without the right tool though, it would not have been as simple. Using the Productsup platform, the e-commerce marketing agency successfully solved two challenges they encountered in the process. Download the use case to see how Productsup helped norisk and how the special "merge variants" service was particularly helpful in the case.

Click here to download a copy of the use case.

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