The Ultimate Facebook Advertising Guide for E-commerce 2016

[WP Import] The Ultimate Facebook Advertising Guide for E-commerce 2016

From targeting to required attributes: here's your ultimate Facebook Advertising Guide so you don't miss a beat.

When Dynamic Product ads were introduced this time last year, it signified a real shift for online retailers.

Facebook has fast become one of the top channels for product advertising, closing in on Google Shopping.

However, with so many components involved in the set-up process and seemingly endless targeting options, it can be tough to know where to start to get the most from what Facebook has to offer.

Choosing the right ad objectives, creating an optimized product feed, setting up the perfect ad template and navigating your way through the targeting minefield can be overwhelming to say the least.

To help, we’ve created a new comprehensive, resource-rich eBook covering everything you need to know about product advertising on Facebook (with additional insights into e-commerce and what to look out for).

The Ultimate Facebook Advertising Guide for e-Commerce follows the same recipe as our latest Best Practices for Google Shopping Feeds eBook focusing on product data optimization within the context of product advertising. All examples and screen shots are relevant to e-commerce and the guide is laden with detailed explanations and tips from industry experts to help you untangle the complexity.

What’s covered?

  • __Advertising options:__ an overview of all that Facebook has to offer, focusing on those most relevant to e-commerce.
  • __Targeting options:__ a summary of the different audience types, highlighting those which are best applied for product advertising.
  • __Product data feeds:__a comprehensive list of all of the requirements for each product attribute in order for the feed to be accepted by Facebook.
  • ____Optimizing with Productsup:__ key data edit boxes features from the Productsup platform are highlighted for each product attribute, showing you how you can save time in optimizing your product data feed for Facebook.__
  • ______Dynamic Product ads:__a step-by-step guide to setting up Dynamic Product ad campaigns for top performance.
  • __Selling on Facebook:__ important upcoming features readers should look out for.
  • __Expert tips:__ best practices and recommendations from industry experts that will help you improve your ad performance.

Download the guide now:

The ultimate Facebook Advertising Guide for Ecommerce 2016

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