Life at Productsup: International Women’s Day

International Women's Day, three profiles at Productsup

Inspiring the next generation of women in tech starts with hearing the stories of today’s female leaders and technologists. It’s the experiences of the hundreds of thousands of women worldwide who are driving innovation and advancements within the tech sector that empowers others to pursue a career in this rewarding industry.

We asked a few colleagues about their journey in tech and the lessons they learned along the way.

Marilena Kyriakou – Team Lead Technical Support EMEA

Marilena Kyriakou

What do you like about your current role?

I started working at Productsup around three years and a half ago. I've pretty much been in every role within our department: Account Manager, Client Success Manager, Technical Support Specialist, Second Level Technical Support Specialist. I love to help people achieve their goals. That's why I decided to focus on developing and supporting the EMEA team.

Have you any advice for women pursuing a similar career?

If you're interested in the tech industry, learn about it. Be curious. Asking questions will help you understand more about how things work. Patience and determination are what it really takes. One day, everything will click in your head, like the final piece in a puzzle.

Do you have any personal stories of female empowerment in your workplace?

Plenty. Most women in my department came from non-technical backgrounds, just like myself. We all had to learn a lot to work in tech while supporting each other. If there's no struggle, there is no process, or – as I love to say – "if you want the rainbow, you have to put up with the rain."

What are your plans for your day off on International Women’s Day?

I will be visiting my family in Greece, enjoying the sun, and eating great food.

Meline Bohrer – Team Lead Business Development North America

Meline Bohrer

What do you like about your current role?

Helping people achieve their goals has always been something I was passionate about. Working in the BDR organization allows me to support my team and empower them to help brands and retailers with the tools they need to cut through commerce chaos and achieve their business goals.

Have you any advice for women pursuing a similar career?

I would say connect with others already in your industry. Seek them out as mentors and ask them questions. Never be afraid to ask questions. Experience is gold – so learn as much as you can from others, from your recent job experience, and your mistakes. I can't emphasize this enough: Be forthright, stay focused, and hustle.

Have you any personal stories of female empowerment at work?

Our Data Diva, Katie Moro. She's been with Productsup from the beginning and has grown with the company. I consider Katie a great example and source of female empowerment. She is a mom and a boss lady who assists many of our clients. She also takes the time to help and develop other co-workers. She does all this in 3 different time zones and remains kind and funny.

What’s your superpower?


Fatemeh Gholampour – Senior Backend Developer

Fatemeh Gholampour

What do you like about your current role?

The most interesting part for me is when my changes turn into results. It's fulfilling when a clean solution resolves a problem. It is also fascinating to see how logic relates to every thought, whether in my career or personal life.

Have you any advice for women pursuing a similar career?

As there aren’t any boundaries in this field, I would recommend women interested in pursuing similar careers learn about it, find what interests them, and keep going.

Have you any personal stories of female empowerment at work?

For me, female empowerment is about making women unafraid of new challenges; feel free to have any thoughts or make any decisions. And to eliminate limiting beliefs.

What’s your superpower?

I would say prioritization and perseverance. I am aware that when I decide to pursue a path, there will be times when I have to give up, but I would like to continue as much as I can – regardless of outcomes. I will achieve what I ought to: a new version of myself following those experiences.

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