The rise of retail media

Exploring opportunities for brands and retailers
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Retail media is one of the fastest-growing channels in digital advertising – brands are expected to spend over $55 billion on retail media in 2024, up 22% from last year. But brands allocating part of their advertising budget to their retail partners isn’t a new concept. So what makes this approach distinctively effective?

As a retailer, it’s an easy way to utilize your unique assets to provide high-value solutions for your brand partners and create a new revenue stream with high margins. As a brand, it enables you to reach your target audience, run effective campaigns with the help of your retail partners and their unique capabilities, and gain visibility into campaign performance.

In this webinar, our CIO Marcel Hollerbach is joined by Mert Canli, a retail media consultant with over a decade of experience in product marketing at Meta, to shed light on the rising retail media landscape. Together, they will reveal the opportunity gap for both retailers and brands, pointing toward examples of industry success stories.

You will learn:

  • Who the top players are
  • How the largest retail media networks like Amazon have been successful in this space
  • How retail media fits into an omnichannel strategy
  • What the most common challenges are and how to overcome them, such as transparency and monetization of data
  • How to deliver top-performing retail media campaigns (from both the retailer and brand perspective)
  • How to measure the effectiveness of a retail media strategy
  • Recommendations for next steps to get started with retail media

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    Marcel Hollerbach

    Chief Innovation Officer

    As CIO, Marcel ensures Productsup stays ahead of the latest market trends, identifies innovative new stakeholders to work with, and manages analyst relations. Building on more than 20 years of experience, he is the host of World of Commerce, an English and German podcast featuring interviews with leaders across the commerce industry.

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    Mert Canli

    Retail Media Consultant

    With a tenure of 12+ years as a senior leader at Meta, Mert shaped Meta’s product strategy for retailers, helping them drive omnichannel outcomes and enhance their shopper marketing activities on Facebook and Instagram. In May 2023, he chose to take a break from corporate life, pursuing a new career as a retail media consultant.