Thule delivers perfect product data, every time.

Learn how Productsup automated Thule’s entire global product content syndication processes, eliminating manual work and boosting marketing ROI.

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  • New channel setup

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  • Active feeds

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  • 10 new markets

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  • Thule and Productsup

    The Thule story began in 1942 in Sweden. Initially producing automobile accessories for outdoor enthusiasts and travelers, the organization has grown into a global brand and household name for high-quality sporting goods for active families and outdoor enthusiasts. After 80 years of growth, Thule has around 3,300 employees at nine production facilities and 35 sales offices worldwide. Thule sells online in 81 markets on multiple channels and in 23 languages.

    Before Productsup, Thule didn’t have a tool to manage all their product data distribution to their B2B retailers and partners. This meant a lot of unnecessary labor-intensive manual work for their sales organization. After introducing the Productsup P2C platform to the business, Thule could create a consistent, global IT setup that automatically manages product data across 27 markets.

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Thule implemented the Productsup platform in 2019 to distribute product data to their B2B retailers and partners. The platform merged and centralized information like stock and pricing from their Product Information Management (PIM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems.

Productsup’s pre-built channel templates supported Thule’s data syndication to all channels – Google, Facebook, Amazon – and partners in record time. This saved the organization huge amounts of time and resources.

To enrich product data for all of their channels, Thule now uploads additional data sources that are automatically formatted and added to the export feed templates to enrich product data for all of their channels.

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Thanks to the Productsup platform, Thule’s sales and marketing teams benefit from huge time savings as the manual workload was reduced to almost nothing. All data distribution processes are now fully automated. This helped to improve their relations with their partners who now receive perfect data, all the time.

Within the first 3 months of using the platform, Thule rolled out data feeds to 10 markets, accommodating tens of thousands of products from 16 categories. They now export 150 feeds a day. It takes the team just 1 hour to set up an export channel for a new market.

Thule achieved higher traffic and conversion rates with their marketing campaigns. They are now able to get the right product to the right audience on the right channels, which has had a significantly positive effect on their marketing ROI.

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Jamal Tarakji
Product Owner SaaS

"Productsup offers us a multidimensional tool with a great, intuitive user interface and flexibility. It was easy to integrate the Productsup P2C platform into our complex tool landscape. Coupled with the fact that they always offer exceptional customer support, Productsup is the perfect fit for our needs."