Black Friday and Cyber Monday: AI product data management tools simplifying campaigns

Black Friday and Cyber Monday: The AI product data management tools simplifying campaigns Black Friday and Cyber Monday: The AI product data management tools simplifying campaigns

How much time do you spend over Thanksgiving weekend managing your product data feeds instead of feasting over turkey and mashed potatoes? Black Friday and Cyber Monday aren’t just top of mind for consumers during the holiday. They also burn your data management teams' time trying to get their products out to consumers with accurate data and the right sales messaging.

How AI is revolutionizing the ecommerce holiday sales season

Any business still relying on manual processes to manage the holiday sales season stands no chance of keeping up with the pace of change to inventory levels, pricing, ad messaging, customer feedback, and so on. And there’s no need to. AI-powered technologies have taken over the ecommerce space, automating nearly all manual product content tasks. There are so many ways AI can smash through the digital walls that create many bottlenecks for your organization every holiday season. Let’s take a look at five AI tools being used by businesses to import, merge, and optimize product data for any export destination.

1. AI imports and data mapping

Easily onboard or import from new suppliers or sources without spending weeks creating custom sheets via FTP queries or using IT support. Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas demand fast turnaround of different kinds of stock and marketing messaging. Use AI-powered data mapping to automatically import and map your data onto any channel you need for the holiday season.

2. One source of truth

Establish a single source of truth by Centralize, standardize, and visualize all of your data from multiple sources into intuitive dashboards where you can easily manipulate and enhance it before distribution. Get your data back into the hands of your marketing and operations teams without IT support, so they gain back control over reporting and performance campaigns for all SKUs. With centralized dashboards and AI-powered standardization and customization, you don’t have to worry about inaccurate product data and disapproved feeds anymore.

3. Automated customization and optimization feeds for each channel

Scheduled feed updates and automated data optimization on all data imports mean your product content is tailored for all channels for each date in advance. Save time and reduce manual effort by automating feed generation, optimization, and effective product feed distribution processes. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas all need different messaging. Automate all of this in advance to minimize your teams’ feed and asset management work over the holiday period.

4.Product-to-Consumer technology can distribute and syndicate data

AI-powered P2C technologies can enable your teams to add new business models to your feed distribution. Syndicate your data to larger retailers or web platforms using the same automated channel templates as your feed management. Centralized, smart dashboards open up a world of possibilities including new channels, marketplaces, retailers, and data pools. Automated data manipulation tools and machine learning processes can customize feeds with hundreds of thousands of SKUs in seconds, making them ready for distribution to any global channel.

5. Automated feed monitoring and error alert systems

Use automated systems to monitor feeds in real-time, so you don’t have to. Receive error alerts to any device to immediately know if your product listings are being rejected or if there is anything wrong with your feeds. Automated monitoring means you can relax over your holidays knowing that you will be notified if there are any issues. Check-in once a day to see if any trends or opportunities are merging in those days and tweak your campaigns and channels accordingly.

The benefits of AI-powered feed management on Black Friday

In general, AI offers significant benefits for product data management during the holiday season. AI-powered algorithms process vast amounts of data swiftly, enabling businesses to handle the surge in product listings, pricing updates, and inventory changes that typically occur during this period. This ensures that customers have access to accurate and up-to-date information, reducing the risk of disappointment due to stock out or incorrect product details (which causes higher return rates.)

AI can also optimize real-time pricing strategies, helping businesses remain competitive and maximize profits. Dynamic pricing algorithms consider market trends, competitor prices, and customer behavior, allowing companies to offer competitive prices while maintaining profit margins.

All in all, AI empowers businesses to efficiently manage product data, optimize pricing, enhance customer support, and boost sales during the holiday season. Its ability to handle the demands of this critical period makes AI-powered feed management an invaluable tool for retailers looking to get the most out of this high-volume sales period, while also reducing the amount of time spent manually editing feed and monitoring campaigns.

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