N Brown increases conversions by 54% with Productsup’s P2C platform

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  • 54%* increase

    in shop conversions

  • Google Shopping ad spend down

    53%** YoY

  • 1-day set-up

    for new social feeds

  • 5 min

    response time to feed issues


N Brown is a UK Top 10 clothing and footwear digital retailer, offering their customers a diverse portfolio of brands. Their brands include JD Williams, Simply Be, and Jacamo. The company is headquartered in Manchester, employs over 1,800 people in the UK, and generated over £716 million British Pounds at the end of the British financial year in 2022.

N Brown started working with Productsup in February 2020. They quickly restructured their ecommerce setup by using the Productsup Product-to-Consumer (P2C) platform to consolidate their legacy data suppliers. They also adapted their paid media channels by creating hourly inventory updates to Google Shopping and Facebook and adding the in-app checkout on Instagram. The Productsup P2C platform quickly became an intrinsic part of N Brown’s ecommerce tech stack, enabling them to deliver seamless shopping experiences to their customers.


  • Slow time to market
  • Poor data quality
  • High ad spend

Initially, N Brown faced several issues when processing their product content feeds. They needed a solution that could create feeds for new sales channels to get new products to market quickly and without errors.

They were also experiencing problems with data quality on their Facebook and Google ads. Feed updates were happening at different times, which meant that Facebook sometimes displayed different prices than were advertised on their website.

Moreover, their ad spend was higher than what they wanted because they couldn’t automatically remove low-value items from their feeds. This resulted in higher costs and lower conversion rates across the whole account.


  • Channel-ready feed templates
  • Image Designer tool
  • Rule boxes and error monitoring

To boost their performance on different channels, N Brown started using Productsup’s channel-ready feed templates to automatically aggregate and map their product data attributes into the required format as it was imported.

The Productsup Image Designer tool gave N Brown a means to create sales events and promotions in bulk from the assets they imported. The marketing team no longer had to work on their creatives using tools and didn’t have to create new ads for each social commerce channel they wanted to target. Productsup automatically adapted the images and videos for each channel.

The P2C platform also enabled the team to schedule their feed updates according to each channel's best practices. The rule boxes within the platform meant the N Brown team could automate the kind of products sold on each channel at any time. And the error monitoring function warns the team whenever product data needs to be completed or updated.


  • Increased speed to market
  • Lower ad spend for better results
  • Improved data feed quality

Thanks to Productsup, N Brown significantly increased the speed at which they launched new products or even new campaigns. Setting up a new Instagram feed with in-app checkout took only one day. Feed adjustments are now carried out in minutes or hours, which means they can always meet deadlines.

By increasing the frequency of feed updates, segmenting products, and keeping product data up-to-date, N Brown almost entirely eliminated compensation claims for incorrect pricing. The automatic elimination of low-value products from their feeds led to a 32% reduction in ad spend and a 54% increase in conversions for outlet products within the first three months. Implementing feed error notifications means that the N Brown team can respond to issues in less than 5 minutes, whereas it sometimes took several days before errors were noticed.

Prodcutsup was so successful that N Brown rolled out the P2C platform to all of their brands.

*March 2020 - Feb 2021 (inclusive) compared to the previous financial year. **Google Ads data (Pandemic influenced)

Mike Kindon_N Brown.jpg
Mike Kindon
Head of Web Operations, N Brown

“Using the Productsup P2C platform, we identified low-value products burning into our ad spend. By excluding these products from our shopping feeds, we saved 32% in ad spend and saw a 54% increase in conversions within three months. After this success, we rolled out Productsup to our other brands.”

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