Product content integration

Product content integration is an overarching term that describes any and all efforts to import, integrate or merge product data and content from discrete sources into one centralized overview or information file.

In-depth definition of product content integration

In a seller or vendor onboarding context, product content integration involves importing, merging, formatting, and integrating multiple suppliers’ catalogs or product information feeds into one new file which can then be published on a website or other commerce platform.

In the context of product content syndication, product content integration involves the formatting and integration of product data from manufacturers or suppliers before distributing this product content on the channels these suppliers are targeting.

Product content integration is a business process comprising the import, formatting, and integration of product data feeds. Once imported, these feeds are then formatted, enhanced and enriched by P2C management platforms before being exported to whatever sales channels and markets the business is targeting (e.g. retailer websites, social media, marketplaces, Google Merchant Center, etc.)

What is a product content network?

Simply put, a product network is any collection of products that are linked to each other via a product data system/catalog or a sales channel including social commerce networks, marketplaces or product content syndication networks. All product content networks need a centralized management platform from where either the networks and products can be managed or from where the requirements for the channels where the products will be distributed are applied to the product data.

How to integrate product data across multiple channels

Multichannel integration denotes the various means in which a product content network – in the form of digital files containing product data – is displayed to the consumers interested in viewing or purchasing items. Product content networks are found on websites, omnichannel retailers, marketplaces, social commerce channels, etc.

Product data can be integrated to multiple channels using feed management systems or a product-to-consumer (P2C) management platform. P2C platforms enable easy centralization of all the data from an entire network or multiple product content networks into one centralized space. The business can then use these platforms to enhance and enrich the product information before it is then redistributed, exported or syndicated as part of the supplier’s product content network.

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