Shopee marketplace increases Google Shopping traffic by 1000%

[WP Import] Shopee marketplace increases Google Shopping traffic by 1000%

It’s common knowledge that brands and online retailers need visibility in order to increase sales and boost traffic from different channels. What’s not so well known is the fact that online marketplaces need it as well. With so much new competition popping up left and right, visibility is essential in order for marketplaces to stay both relevant and scalable.
This is why more and more marketplaces are turning their attention (and resources) towards the infamous Google Shopping Ads. But unlike online retailers, marketplaces are handling products from multiple sellers and countries, which makes creating and running Google Shopping campaigns a bit more complex of a task.
That said, online marketplaces hoping to jump on the Google Shopping Ad train will face three key challenges:

  1. Unique product feed specs
  2. Google’s taxonomy
  3. Multi-Merchant Center accounts

How one powerful solution helps Shopee drive more traffic with Google Shopping ads

A great example of an international marketplace that was faced with these challenges is Shopee. Shopee is a major selling platform in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. The site boasts a large market share and even larger user base.
Shopee, like any good business in ecommerce, recognizes that digital landscape is constantly shifting. Customers are looking for new places to buy, and they’ll go wherever the search engines take them. So what could Shopee do in order to not just maintain their current user base, but drum up even more interest in their platform? The answer was search, and Shopee began using Google Shopping ads to drive traffic to their marketplace.

Getting on Google Shopping: manual work or automation?

If you’ve ever used Google Shopping ads, you know there can be complications, as Google has very specific requirements. Combining the steep learning curve with the hours or days of manual work required to create and manage feeds, this is no quick task. In fact, it’s a whole ongoing project.
Key problems faced:

  • Understanding and following Google’s unique requirements
  • Preparing and maintaining feeds in a reasonable amount of time and with reliable, repeatable processes
  • Making changes to feed data quickly and efficiently enough to fully control Google Shopping campaigns
  • Creating and managing Merchant Center sub-accounts for Shopee’s 1000s of sellers
  • Driving more traffic to the marketplace

Like many others, Shopee turned to a solution provider. However, many providers can take weeks or months to make small feed changes. While the solution worked, it wasn’t optimized and Shopee wasn’t able to make the absolute most of their Shopping ads.
After switching from their previous solution provider to Productsup, Shopee was able to run Google Shopping campaigns in days instead of months.

“With our previous solution provider, any changes to our feed would be left pending for a month, even for smaller edits to our titles or descriptions. Now, we can have our Shopping Ads live within just a few days. This simply wouldn’t be possible without Productsup.”  Mengfei Wu - Regional Online Marketing

The Results: Shopee increased traffic by 1000%

Productsup is unique in that it not only helps businesses get on new channels like Google Shopping, it simplifies just about every step of the process.
By introducing more automated and reliable data management methods, Shopee was able to take complete control of their product data - and their campaigns. They could make changes and optimizations quickly, which made it easy to get ahead of the competition. They drove more traffic to their marketplace with even less hassle and headache than before.
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Shopee Google Shopping traffic

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